Fauna, Szabolcs Matefy (3D)


Title: Fauna
Name: Szabolcs Matefy
Country: Hungary
Software: BodyPaint, XSI, ZBrush
Submitted: 24th August 2007

I was always admiring the mythical creatures, so I combined my love for the female beauty and the myth. Base modelling and rendering were done in XSI, textures, details are done in Zbrush3, sky is Vue. I wanted to make a painterly looking image, and I think it came out almost exactly as I planned


Outstanding detail with emphasis on perfection. This is an amazing detail of work. Lighting, Posing, coloring, shadowing, etc. Extremely well done.


Good work! :thumbsup:
I very like texturing and lightning.


Great looking artwork. The model looks very good. Nice work on the tree and vines. The grass looks a little weird, but it doens’t detract from the overall piece. Nice job.


Just a wonderfull piece :love:

Only dont like the grapes, Please can you post a wire

Thanks for share


great realisation !


great image!!..nothing much to crit except maybe the grass texture…doesn’t match the detail of everything else…goodWork still!!



I’m very like your style.:slight_smile: a great rendering! 5* from me!


Hi. great work. Her pose presents something I am still thinking.

Anyway, Congrats! 4*


Somehow it reminds me of those fruit and vegetable paintings…


I’m in Awe. Its so rich in life and feeling… very nice.


Awesome work man, nicely executed.



very nice charactar! texture and model are perferct! :thumbsup:


I think the overall outcome of this piece came together fairly well. A few crits that I would point out would be the horns, I feel like they could have received more texture detail to make them look less plastic feeling and more organic. The grapes encounter the same problem, they kinda remind me of those plastic types of fruit maybe if they were a little wet like you did so well with the water sliding down her breasts they would work better … that is one of my most favorite things about this piece by the way, you pulled it off so well!!:thumbsup:

Overall I feel like this is a very well done piece that I am glad to see the finished presentation of.



Front…it has to be there


she looks very cool!

I like her skins and fur


Really good model and rendering!
Can you post a wire, please?
How you make a fur and grass?
Thanks and good weekend


She looks great! but i think here to meny blur. :thumbsup:


good lighting, amazing work, I love her expression


just one word : ART !

5 stars !