Fauna in the forest, Jezabel Rodrigo Yusta (2D)


Title: Fauna in the forest
Name: Jezabel Rodrigo Yusta
Country: España
Software: Photoshop

Hello there,

this is my latest personal work. I´m creating my own universe with many characters and places, this universe is set in the Middle ages and it has a lot of magical characters. The creature of the image is “Fauna”, one of the Nature´s daughters, she can transform her body in any animal shape (real or magical).

Completely done in photoshop with a Wacom Intuos3, I´ve used some custom brushes and a paper texture.
I hope you like it. Comments and critics are most welcome :slight_smile:


Beautiful enviroment and character, good work Nekranea :wink:


Very magical environment and beautiful idea from character, and very nice choice of colors, great atmosphere!:slight_smile: Waiting to see more from your magical story:)


Felideus, Lanternman242, thank you very much for yours comments, I´m really glad you like it :slight_smile:
The next work will be better :wink:


Good one…simply love your style…:wink:


Thank you so much, Pc! :slight_smile:


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