FATJON's performance, Yu Cheng Qu (3D)


Title: FATJON’s performance
Name: Yu Cheng Qu
Country: China
Software: Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush

FATJON’s music is so fantastic! I love it so much and feel a lot of things in it, so I made a scene of his performance. The whole process is so cool!!
hope you like it. :)


Terrific. I love the lighting, the background, the hands pose, the face expression. Thumbs up!


Yep I like it! Very cool all round. Well done :slight_smile:


WOW, great rendering!His hands are amazing.


Yo, man! Stunning work! Award for shure!


saw it on zbrush first…and yes, a great work indeed !

Great job m8!


I don’t know FATJON, but your image is :thumbsup:.


Hey, thanks everybody~
Here is the Fatjon Zbrush sculpt


Great pic - the hands are particularly well done. I like Fat jon’s music too.

Awesome details on the sculpt!


wow dj music wonderful work relly nice work

very good gob

good luck 4 ever :applause:


It looks so good, well done!


wow! excellent work! the first time i got amazed by sculpting. simple but perfectly executed scene. give us some more detail in every aspect from modeling to texture to light setup.:buttrock:


Very cute, i love his body proportions

He looks great.The clothes and specially his pants look awesome!


Hey guys,Here are some of my working processes .

  1. I set up a light matrix and rendered the image with maya mental Ray.

2) I rendered a “character” layer without background. (this will be edit with other layers in PS )

3) I make the fog of background with maya particles. Specially I set two lights, the warm color and the cold.At last, all of these “seperated” images were combined together in photoshop.


wow~its great! i lik the lighting mood~


excellent model and textures, nice pose and perfect lighting.


Just wow…awesome modeling, i’m really impressed by the details (hands, shirts…) and natural feeling on trouser’s creases.
The warm/cold lightning works very well too.

Perfect Job :thumbsup:


dope :applause: : D
Great composition!


Yeah…that rocks!!, nice work all round.


excellent work :buttrock: