Father James, Kamyar Nasirifar (2D)


Title: Father James

Name: Kamyar Nasirifar

with this piece i wanted to pay tribute to James Hetfield, vocalist and guitarist of the legendary band, Metallica. besides i always wanted a cool poster of James Hetfield for my room so i thought why don’t i paint it myself!
it took me quite a while. hope you guys dig it. critics are welcome.


Hey Kamyar! what did you do!!!
It’s really awesome dp!
every thing is very great.
I like lighting, textures and etc.
I don’t know what should I say! :smiley:
Congrats man.


like everything about it…
great job…


Great work!! love the texture and lighting!


Details is very beautiful


Beautifully done! Love the dramatic lighting.


AMAZING! Love every single detail! Looks so realistic. :bowdown: :buttrock:


thanks for your attention and kind words… :slight_smile:


wow! awesome portrait


I love James Hetfield…Thanks kamyar


oh my god! :surprised


Thanks again… :slight_smile:

here are some closeup views and the hi-res version of the cross i designed with Metallica logo on it…

hope you enjoy… Cheers :beer:


So talented you are :applause: Can’t wait to see more from you :wavey:


Wow! Great work!!

Holy crap, you even got the small pieces of stray fabric on the overcoat


WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, so well done. The expression on the man’s face is so powerful. Awsome!


Love this guy ! :thumbsup: Amazing work on this portrait ! Love it.


really AWESOOMEEE…i like it i love it…


Adorable ! :bounce:


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