Fate of high-def DVD may lie with Microsoft?


" EE Times
(12/26/2005 9:00 AM EST)

MADISON, Wis. — After months of intense wrangling between the competing Blu-ray and HD-DVD groups, the battle lines in the war over a next-generation high-definition DVD format have moved to the doorstep of Microsoft Corp.

Several industry sources last week told EE Times that Microsoft is muscling into the optical-disk fray by leveraging its operating-system clout to bundle HD-DVD within Vista, the company’s next-generation OS. There is also talk that the software giant may be planning to offer cash incentives — in the form “coupons” — to system vendors or retailers if they agree to support HD-DVD. Such coupons would provide “credits” or “memos” for each PC that is sold with HD-DVD inside…"



I would have thought that would be illegal.

Once again, Bill Gates and Ballmer decide what format lives and what dies. The merits of each format play no part.


It’s all good… they’ll lose this war. Blu-ray will reign supreme!



Weighing the pros/cons of a Sony standard vs M$ tossing weight around… I’ll take M$ on this one… Sony can kiss my…


Sure it will!
We all know it comes down to who has the most money!


After what I have seen with Sony’s many failing formats, and their CD spyware

I don’t know if I want another product from Sony

Than again; just my opinion



regretfully agreeing, sony owning the next gen standard isnt good at all. And though ms is going about it in a less then admirable way they are supporting the offical standard.


Sony schmony, Blu-Ray is the better format, end of the story.


Sony will win because of the PS3. The PS2 has already sold more than 120 million units, and they think the PS3 will top 200 million. That fact alone has convinced several of the movie studios to switch to only Blu-Ray. Last time I checked, MS didn’t make HD content… so who cares who they support anyways. Between all the movies and games Sony will win.


It really shouldnt be a Sony vs M$ issue, i just want to better format, Blu-Ray is the better format! game over MS. MS can kiss my…


No. It comes down to how many film studios will support which platform. Right now, Blu-ray has been embraced by a LOT of studios. That’s a hellava lot of movies to watch!

Besides, Bluray is technically the better format anyway. And Sony isn’t the only manufacturer. Pioneer just released that they are going to introduce their Bluray drive at this coming CES.



China is also developing their own format so they don’t need to pay any royalties.

 Now, if China developed a better format, would those people who wants the best format to win would switch to China’s version?  :rolleyes:


Sony makes expensive stuff. They always have.

PS3 will be technically superior to Xbox 360, but the high unit cost of the PS3 may make it hard for people to afford.

Same with Sony’s Blu-Ray. Sure it’s tech specs are better than HD-DVD, but Blu-Ray is real expensive. How much are you prepared to pay for a disc, when HD-DVD disks will be much cheaper? It’s a bit like the dual layer blank DVD’s of today… not many people buy them because they are too expensive.

The music company, Sony BMG (once long ago known as CBS Records) is a separate division in Sony, however it’s rootkit spyware CD fiasco is dragging the image of the entire Sony organization through the mud.

Unlike Nintendo, the Sony and Microsoft brand names are both so “soiled” that you won’t find either putting it’s logo or badge on the front of their game consoles. That says a lot.

That would be cool. While HD-DVD and Blu-Ray fight the format war, the world adopts the Chinese HD disk format that comes without royalties. I’d like to see that!

If you’re interested in reading about the Chinese disk format, here’s a link:

  First of all, Apple is supporting Blu-Ray directly, so be prepare to pay a arm and a leg in the future :P..i kid.
  AFAIK, the price of the PS3 hasnt been annouce yet, so lets not assume its going to be expensive just yet...(alot of analyst thought the PS2 would cost a arm and a leg also..but they were totally wrong, when the price was annouce).
  Secondly, you got any proof that Blu-Ray cost more than HD-DVD?, last time i check that advantage is gone. In fact most of the advantage HD-DVD had over Blu-Ray has been address  by the Blu Ray developers. 
 Oh and good luck to china on their new format ..lol. If HVD was avaible in the near future, id pick that over Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. The Chinese only HD-DVD out by 2007 is alittle to late, considering the PS3 will most likely be out in 2006 in at least one region.

I honest i dont think MS really cares about HD-DVD at all. Bill Gate said in one article, that Blu-Ray and HD-DVD doesnt matter, because its all about getting content online. Before that he said HD-DVD was superior format, and now they are flip flopping again to support HD-DVD. As for which format would win this war, its really up to the general public, not MS or Sony.


After blue-ray become the standard, they will send the technology to china for the manufacturing, and it will become as cheap as dvd we seen today. :slight_smile:


I don’t care which format “wins” (they’re both good) as long as it’s made available soon. It’s about time - I want high def NOW.


Listen, whichever format vivid decied to support, that will be the new format for the masses.:wise:


i hope…

and another note, are they going to get rid of dvd regions, because i’m not seeing a reason for it?


Doubtful… if anything they’ll probably restrict it further… Country setup… heck, why not postal codes. :hmm: :sad: :stuck_out_tongue:


So true :wink:
On a more serious note, the porn industry has quite a saying in the matter consider the enormous amounts of dvd they sell, and I heard from a friend who was told by someone who read somewhere that they’re releasing HD-content even now on DVD in WMV… Why doesn’t the “normal” industry care as much for their consumers?


that’s why you must learn to love the porn biz. :slight_smile: