"FATAL BREED" - Futeristic RPG (Collaboration)


A binary games production

Hello members of CGtalk. Currently, I am working on a Role Playing Game with a team of people called “Fatal Breed”. Fatal Breed is a futeristic RPG in the style of Final Fantasy VII (playstation/PC). Right now we’re planning things out, sorting out the engine and such. The game features high quality Full Motion video clips.

 [b]What we need[/b]

SCENE modelers (As many as I can get). - You would be required to create detailed 3D backgrounds for use in the game. You may use any 3d modeling program you like, since we are using pre-rendered backgrounds in the engine. But I am looking for fairly high quality stuff here.

 [b]Who's already on the team?[/b]
 2 Character Modelers
 1 scene modeler
 1 texture/lighting artist
 1 animator
 2 Programmers 
 1 Music Composer/Sound Effects
 1 Writer

I am the director and assistant programmer of this project. I am currently writing the game’s design document, and planning out the engine. We are first releasing a PC version of the game. (Freeware). If things go well, we plan to take the game to the Nintendo DS when it arrives. Things to note:

No-one on this project is being payed. You would be working for fun, and experience. You get to work with a team of game developers, and create a good game. Plus, things like this look good on the CV. :slight_smile: Please note, that if the game does hit off, and money is made, everyone will get an equal share.

I’d provide you with loads of samples, but unfortunately our server went wacko and all our stuff is now gone. So I’m in the process of getting eveyrone to re-upload their renders and such. But here’s one I found uploaded elsewhere that was done by our character modeler:

 This is "Catherine" from Fatal Breed. It's a WIP by the way, done by our lead character modeler. 

Engine Information

The PC engine is being coded in C++, using OpenGL and SDL. I mentioned we will probably be going to the DS, in that case we wont be able to use OpenGL and SDL. We will most likely be using something like “DevKitAdvance”. (check out gbadev.org for more).
Mostly, things will be pre-rendered. For an example of this, take a look at Final Fantasy VII.

 If you think you are up to it, then please post here with samples of work. [b]I cannot accept you unless you provide samples of work.[/b] Please also do not join if you are just bored today and don't really have the free time. I'm not asking for much, but being able to work on the project for a few hours a week would be a great start.

From what I’ve seen so far, Cgtalk has a lot of talented modelers. Why not put your skills to the test and work on an exciting video game?

Please note this is a fairly new project, we havent had much time yet, so the engine is only being started. I will send the storyline and other info if you are interested in joining. I dont want to post it publically.

[b]Contact Information

[/b]Email: hurnchris@yahoo.com
AIM: bandicoots2
YIM: bandicoots2

 I look foward to your replies,


just wanted to wish you luck!!:thumbsup:
and i hope you get all the assistance you require!



Not to criticize or to flame but this model looks too muche to christie’s one (dead or alive Xtreme volley ball). That is foundable over the net by using any Peer to peer software. I hope it’s not true but if it was…


Well. I have never played that game. The model shown was done by our lead character modeler. It’s not stolen. I saw progress reports along the way, and it’s not from that game.



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