Fat Surreal Character



This is what im working on right now. Still some work to do. Any comments?


Looks pretty nice so far.

Is it lowpoly, And may we have wires?


Thanks logger.

Its just over 8000 triangles. Im planning to take it into zbrush and generate a normal map on him, which will have more detail.

Here are some wires. Mind you, its “as-is” . I havent optimized and such. More to come soon.


No crits yet.
Looks nice so far.


Very nice, these remind me a little or the good old Sea Devils from Dr Who :slight_smile: it looks great very nice characterisation and play on the human body to generate this alien creature. personally I think that the feet look a little heavy, however this is all subjective really and depends on the style you have gone for. Great start.


Looks great, is this work going to be a low poly model with a displacement map from zbrush?
Haven’t had much to do with zBrush but I look forward to seeing the final piece


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