Fat Horse, Thomas Mangold (3D)


Title: Fat Horse
Name: Thomas Mangold
Country: Germany
Software: LightWave 3D

This is one of two shots I did for a Paris based advertising agency. Both images were used in a campaign for Zeiss binoculars and illustrate their quality to enlarge the stuff you see by using them. Lightwave has been my choice to create these models. While the giraffe has been finished pretty fast, the horse and jockey were pretty difficult to model and texture. Took me quite a long time, but in the end it’s been worth it. Background for the giraffe has been shot by Ebo Fraterman, while I take all the credit for the horse image. Both images were included in the Shortlist at this year’s advertising festival in Cannes.


Just a great render. Nothing else to say.



great idea!
give us more!!!


Superb:applause: love it


Amazing fat horse & fat man…haha


:applause: :applause: :applause:
I love your work:thumbsup:


where is the giraffe ? LOL

( see Pancho’s other post for the fat giraffe - its great )


just saw the giraff and i did like it …
but the horse…i really love it

awessome…5 star from mee !!!


can’t believe its 3d :wink:
nice work, superb textures!


That’s so twisted - I love it!


You being German - It’s UBER DUDE! - I bet that makes your skin crawl! :scream:


I love this, great work.


this is awesome, and really funny looking. 5 stars from me.


Loving it! But doesn’t the bars look kinda over-luminated?



mate this is really good work, lot of modelling on it :smiley: you did very good job…and giraffe is amazing too :smiley: keep your style man :thumbsup:


Best laugh I’ve had all day:)


LOL! That’s almost like a cow racing in the Grand National, with Elvis on it’s back. And the prize? Burgers! :slight_smile:


Thats just so great! i laughted so long when i saw this, amazing! :smiley:
(still laughts)



Thats awesome… keep it up!!


cool!Very fat horse and person!I love this picture!!!


This and the giraffe are absolutely incredible and absolutely hilarious. I love them. Five stars.