Fat Giraffe, Thomas Mangold (3D)


Title: Fat Giraffe
Name: Thomas Mangold
Country: Germany
Software: LightWave 3D

This is one of two shots I did for a Paris based advertising agency. Both images were used in a campaign for Zeiss binoculars and illustrate their quality to enlarge the stuff you see by using them. Lightwave has been my choice to create these models. While the giraffe has been finished pretty fast, the horse and jockey were pretty difficult to model and texture. Took me quite a long time, but in the end it’s been worth it. Background for the giraffe has been shot by Ebo Fraterman, while I take all the credit for the horse image. Both images were included in the Shortlist at this year’s advertising festival in Cannes.


HaHa:cry: :scream:

This is GREAt, I like it very much.
I haven´t other words:thumbsup:


where are the horse and jockey? I’d like to see them.
by the way, this is very funny and realistic image.


where are the horse and jockey? :eek:
Very well done, i`m very curious abuot this short.
Could you please show more¿


:surprised OMG!!! awesome cute!! 5 stars and frontpage!!


ha ha ha … great!!!


LOL! awesome’n’funny work :thumbsup: this is great! hehe
First time i ever seen a fat giraffe :stuck_out_tongue:

/ Max


love it, love the expression on her face…



HAHAHA this is AWSOME i love it and the lighting is great and really looks just like he’s standing in the pic great work.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


This made me lol! Great work!


:slight_smile: Superb! So original!


Hilarious and awesome. 5 stars. A perfect work.


That is pure genius… totaly love it. I have lived in kenya for almost 10 years in my childhood and you really bring up the mood and atmoshpere of the plains of the serengeti.

Thnx for this really great work.




This Is Genius!!!


HAHA! I’m laughing so much that i cry! :cry: :scream:

congrats, you have successfully made the most funniest 3d art image that I ever seen :slight_smile:

I just love this work!


Fat giraffe…hahha:bounce: :bounce: :smiley:
cool job…I like it and treasure it up…


mouarff! ! !! ! lol ! !! !excellent ideas !! !very funny ! !great job , and very very funny


I can’t stop myself laughing this.

AWEEEESOOMMEEEE idea. Great render and composite.


very nice!
I see that you like fat animels


great i love it!

very soft fur!

just great :wink: