Fat chicken walk cycle


I haven`t animated for about 3 years, I have instead focused on story, character design, modelling and trying to get motivated aside from a regular everyday job animating the souless workers at my real job.

So here is my walk cycle unsing a customish rig… first post on the below bloggy thing


Just hit play and let me know how bad it is (animation only the character still needs a little work) :smiley:

Thanks for viewing and criticing :slight_smile:


Hey, you have a really good start here! I like the chicken model :smiley:

I am noticing quite a few pops, and the cycle doens’t seem to sync up exactly. It seems as though the first and last frames are not the same, so the cycle is popping and not flowing like an actual walk. Fix up some of the curves and check your first and last frames and it should improve it alot!


To be honest I havent touched the curves yet, and I just animated it straight so need to take care of the first and last frames... which shouldnt be the same but in fact the last frame should contain the pose of the frame before the first frame if you get my meaning. That enables it to flow through other wise you seem to get a pause of 2 frames and it would also pop, but I digress… yes it pops because I can`t quite remember how to set up the cycle properly so I’ll look it up as it is distracting and unproffessional lol :slight_smile:

Thanks for the critique! :smiley:


well easily to make the hole thinng, is to actually make the first and last the same, then go to one before last, set a key there and voila. other than that, the tows look pretty rigid, they should move independently, just try to put some secondary motion in there to give the hole thing some life. also the slow on the high side is a lil too strong, looks a bit jumpy.

keep it up


hrmm actually the toes aren`t rigged to move independently I was going to rig her like that but in the animation I am planning for her she’ll have no real need to have toe spread. I guess it could be more interesting and more flexible for me to include that, I’ll keep it in mind :slight_smile:

Not entirely sure what you mean about the high side?

Thanks for the critique! :slight_smile:


hi there,

nice work
ilike the chicken… sooo funy
ilke it

good luck


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