Fastest UV mapping for ArchViz


Hello Guys!

We’ve just ported another two modules of LWCAD to Cinema 4D
Check out new UV mapping tools optimized for architecture.
You can UV map objects really fast with these tools.

You can watch video and download trial here.

Viktor Veličko


This is absolutely outstanding !


Looks awesome. When I look at the store I see:

LWCAD 5 LITE beta - (for 3dsMax and Cinema4D)

So this is a Lite Beta version? Or already a full release?



It is already official version.
Somebody just forgot to update also tittle in the shop. :)It is fixed now!
Thanks for pointing me on this.

Anyway guys, if you’ll get stuck with anything from downloading, installing to using.
Don’t be shy and let us know if you’ll have any problems.
We want to do this plugin as easiest to use as possible. So any feedback helps to make it better.



Viktor is it possible to draw a wall with, for example, a brick texture applied on all faces apart from one which would be the internal wall, something like white paint? Is it also possible to have intelligent window and door reveals that wrap the inside material into the reveals? Thanks. Looking good.


Just to be sure I understand you correctly.
You want to have surface assignment for left and right side of the wall for each side separate material. Directly in Wall tool parameters.
And for WinDoor tool you need to push window into that wall. And drilled polygons in the hole caused by window, should keep wall materials from both sides correctly.
So for example the outside part of the wall’s hole are bricks and the inside part of the hole is stucco.

If this is what you need, it looks reasonable. I’ll add in to next update.


Yes exactly that! Having the correct materials either side of the window reveal e.g. stucco/brick as it would happen in real life is a big time saver. You can get around it by adding a fake internal surround to the window object but the first way is much cleaner and easier. Great news that this can be added as a feature.


You can try latest LWCAD 5.2507 BETA.
Wall is now generating left-right material. You need to enable ‘Side Surfaces’ option.
And WinDoor is separating the hole into two parts and apply proper material on each side.
If you’ll need anything else, let me know back.



Wehre Can we find some Infos in what is featured in lwcad For c4d? On the page is only the Mapping Video.

Cheers jens


Loads of vids on YouTube.


So the features in c4d are the Same than in max?

…ok, loaded the demo! That´s a great tool!


LWCAD for Max and Cinema 4D are identical.
At this moment we are adding new tools very quickly,.
You can check the list of tools in online manual here:
But we are updating it only when official update is released, and it is very brief right now.
Best way how to check new tools is to download latest beta. And play with it.
Trial mode is fully unlocked.

Next year I will do a big step by step tutorial for max and cinema. After we finalize porting of all procedural archviz tools from LightWave version.


looks great!


Awesome. Just bought. Thanks Viktor.

There are a lot of tools to get to grips with. But even just being able to drag create a cube from corner to corner like they can in Max is a useful tool to have! No doubt there is some powerful stuff in here I just need to set the time aside to learn properly.



i wanted to try the latest beta (lwcad 5.4902 BETA) but the installer not lets me install into c4d(he only suggests to install into 3dsmax 2018(which i not want to).

do you also have a manual install option without installers maybe?
your plugin looks good and i would like to test the beta (and maybe buy it then)



was anybody able to install the demo on v19 yet?


Hi Stefan,

i downloaded the 5.5 trial and there was no problem installing in R19. I’m on OSX by the way.



ok i wil try again these days, here it always aid it could not fine any c4d instalaltion, even though i have several. sadly also no way to manually point to the c4d folder…


We will update installer to do also custom installation.
You have probably some custom Cinema installation which is not written in registry.

Just copy files manually to get it work:
Unzip LWCAD install file.
Copy content of these two folders:
lwcad 5.51\Cinema4D\Plugin\win64\R17
lwcad 5.51\Cinema4D\Resources
into your Cinema folder:
c:\Program Files\MAXON[CINEMA FOLDER]\plugins\LWcad5

You will need to create LWcad5 if it is not already there.