fast memory with haswell and lga1150


I have read that with the new Haswell processors and 1150 motherboards, we can use up to 3000Mhz DDR3 memory.

On the other side i have read that if you overclock your computer, as you increase your processor frequency, you have to lower your frequency speed.

Would 2400Mhz memory make a big difference compared to 1600Mhz?

If i want to overclock my computer, should i get a low frequency memory?

What impact would higher Mhz memory would have on performance when 3D modeling/rendering?


You seem hugely confused.
The long story short about it: For intel i7 gen 3 and 4 (Ivy bridge and Haswell) the RAM’s speed has virtually no impact whatsoever on performance.

Both have been proven to be at their soft spot with decent 1866 modules so that you have the tiny bit of elbow room when overclocking (which is mostly multiplier work) you might need.

RAM and RAM overclock tests and benching are a numbers sport. They make not a iota of difference on Intel architectures for practical intents and purposes.

Buy decent 1866 CAS 10 and be done with it.
Corsair 1866, G.Skill Ares 1866 and so on.


yeah it doesn’t really do too much for speed in the real world.

It’s like obsessing over your car’s wax job because you hear waxing the car will help make it go faster and be more aerodynamic. It will technically… but don’t get your hopes too high over the difference.


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