Fast&Fur - Preview


Hi all,

   i'll like to show you a pre-release of my plugin: Fast&Fur

Thanks to Cactus Dan for the Elephant :slight_smile:





Dynamic Test (Quicktime 7 required)

This plugin is pretty fast to generate 6 millions of poly with gravity and basic dynamic in about .5 secs but is capable to show in edito a percent of real fur and generate it only when need (rendering). So you can work in always in realtime.
So with 1.5 Gb of ram you can render without probs 9 millions of polygons (1.500.000 furs with 6 polygons each).

The section of fur can be modulated with a spline and you can drag 4 vertex map on the plugin interface to control direction, lenght and density of the fur.
Fast&Fur can also get a UVW map from the generator to make fur colored like the generator or can generate the UV from the root to the tip to get some interesting results.

The plugin is wrote to be extremly fast and responsive so is really funny to use it.

News will be come in these days :slight_smile:

Renato T.


Wow Renato, you’re unstoppable! This looks like it could be a great grass solution, something I’ve been seeking for a long time. Thanks for all the great tools you offer.



Very surprising plugin to come from you renato.
Looks very interesting. I’ll keep watching this thread…


Bookmarked…thats just awesome:thumbsup:


Nice developments Renato!


Looks great! Another great addition to the C4D family!



Pls don’t leave the Mac users out. :wink:



un grandissimo lavoro :thumbsup:



Just fabulous and well done on getting a review in the latest 3DWorld magazine. I think this could be your best plugin yet.



thanks all,

i’m working to get good result to satisfy character animator and general needs.
3D Kiwi… what about 3Dworld magazine?

Renato T.


Which issue was that? I must’ve missed a number, or then i havent read the issue yet.

Yet another Renato’s thread I pay close attention to. I was even more interested till I realized that the name of the tool is not Fat&Fur:)
Does it ship with self-collision also?



Hello Hilt,

today, Fast&Fur can simulate gravity and air friction… i planned to make collision on the generator geometry… the rest may come :slight_smile:


Awesome! Yet another cool plug by the mad scientist!


Re review of Mesh Deformer. That’s in issue 71. Email sent to Renato.



Click, Click bookmarked.

Rich-Art. :thumbsup:



btw: i heard a rumour that renato plans to replace the c4d core within a year with his plugins!..



Great news Renato! :thumbsup:

I’m interested to know how this compares to Hairdepartment an DPIT.



looks terrific and sounds terrific–
Renato, if you can pull that off I guess you have a bestseller and Shave finally has some competition :wink:

unfortunately I couldnt see the video because I dont have QT 7 or whatever the codec is-- any chance of posting it with a more common codec like sorenson ?



Wonderful job. I have a few models waiting for a (good) fur


Great Renato !! :wink:

Compliments bro !! :smiley: