fast: counter > legsweep > elbow drop > standing position


here is something I’ve been working on to go towards my new 2008 reel

not quite done yet, seems to come up to fast after the elbow drop. planning to slow that down a little. Also i threw in a lil stutter before the actual counter to imitate quick thinking not sure if its protraying that or if its even noticable.(if its not a eyesore then i think its working). Weight still needs to be set to hips/body for the actual coming up from the elbow drop still.

Also, should i finish animating the kicker chic? I’m not sure, i guess i should make her roll in pain or go limp maybe…what do you think?



I know you said you’re still working on it so it’s a good chance I’m going to say things you’ve already noticed and whatnot. Overall it seems to really miss a sense of weight and pacing. As far as the weight goes, the character never really seem to shift their weight to get from one pose to the next or have a “down” position when they catch their weight (when the girl takes a first step for instance or even her kick). Check their centers of balance and it wouldn’t hurt to use a ground plane to make it easier to see when the feet really should be contacting a solid floor rather than floating in the emptiness of space.
As for the timing, everything seems to go by a bit quick. True real fights happen before we know what went on, but with animation you have to exaggerate (and even in the movies, fight scenes are usually slowed down so the audience can register what is happening). Individually the speed of the actions don’t look bad, but they happen so tightly right next to each other than we barely get to take it in. Also consider the staging of the sweep counter. With their bodies so close there (she’s practically in front of him) and the speed of it, the move is almost lost. And you should definately not leave her just frozen in the air like that. Have her fall flat and then react to the elbow drop.


thanks for the feedback!

Yea, I’m planning on changing the camera angle to a profile angle. I was trying to practice at creating fast paced combos, I see its just too fast that its taking away from it. I’m going to have to space things out a little more. Hopefully that will help the problem of not seeing weight “down” positions. the idea was taken from some kung-fu footage i was using for reference. heh the guy moves soo fast it was tough to get really awesome reference poses, he’s a blur most the time :slight_smile:

I’m going to have to put some more hours in to this. I’ll get an update up in a few days



Looks like you tackled a pretty big one here :twisted:

First of all my biggest piece of advice would be to just work on the poses. I’m not sure what animation technique you subscribed to such as Pose to pose, straight ahead etc but…I’d really focus on the golden poses for now.

Reason I say this is because the movement just seems unnatural. For instance, the female takes her first step from some sort of skip hop with no anticipation. Not to mention on her off leg as well. The characters just seems to slide around. FR 8 which seems to be used as an anticipation frame just isn’t working for me.

Dunno about this one yet man :sad: there is just tons of stuff going on here. Believe me when I say that I’m not trying to butcher your animation. Honestly, I just finished critiquing your other animation with the karate kick which I thought was really good. With that being said, I’ve already seen that you can animate.

This one just seems rushed to me. Work on the poses and block it out more. Sorry if this seemed harsh as it is not my intention. Just trying to add my two cents to push the piece further.

Good luck :slight_smile:


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