Fasceshift, best 3D sensor placement?


While kind of old and EOL’d this combination seems like with will be perfect for my purposes if I can get it working right. I’ll be asking about Maya rigging from Faceshift in a little bit if anyone has any information they will share on this, but right now I’ve been having an issue with the training portion. The eyes and are way to low, after using the Build option in training mode, however if I adjust the eyes the rebuild fails. I’ve noticed most performance rigs have the sensor below the actor’s face, so I’m going to change the position othe sensor, add some more light and see if it makes a difference, but any help would be greatly appreciated.


Moving the sensor lower made a huge difference! The eyes are the eyes from the demo model, so they still look a little wierd, but atleast they are in the right place and will hopefully drive my sculpts in Maya a lot better.


So far it seems like Faceshift is better then other face capture options available now for under a gazillion dollars, probably because of their implementation of FACS, but it’s early days for me. I haven’t used Faceware, but the animations I’ve seen from that looked a bit janky, maybe it was just what I saw. Dynamicxyz seem to have dissappeared except for the richest users. Hopefully when Apple releases their redesigned mac pro they’ll have a new Faceshift and cheap 3D sensors/Webcams to go along with it.