Farmland Parade, Lee Chin Horng (2D)


Title: Farmland Parade
Name: Lee Chin Horng
Country: Malaysia
Software: Photoshop

A painting that took me quite a while, 2 weeks from planning to execution. A birthday present for my niece. I watch my niece growing day by day, I was wondering what kinda person she will be in the future, growing up in the city, and so I have this idea of putting her in the country, how would her imaginative world be? Basically the things in this painting were my own imaginations when I was a young boy, I personally like the idea of the scrap metal monster and the colorful glowing chicks, inspired by the colourful chicks the village people used to sell in my village.

Hope you guys will like it, hope it brings you back to your childhood again, God bless. Cheers.


Lucky niece! and perfect job!

Best wishes:


man i love the colours and the warm feel . love the small colourfull chicks. unique . my only crit would be the bigest animal… looks like a bit of chimpa and a dog both … . great work


I can almost see them moving,it has warm feeling to it


Very colorful and nice



awww what a cutie work :love:


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