Farmer Character Model


Here’s a NURBS character I’ve been working on for an animation. Any suggestions? Thanks.


This is NICE! Please do show more.


Nice work there, but the cap might look a little bit strange ? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comments you guys. I’ll post more images when I get home from school tonight. As for the hat, I purposely made it small and placed it on the very tip of his head, just because I know lots of farmers who wear their hats that way. Make sense? Is that what you were talking about mattie?


the cap looks like it might fall off in the slightest movement. Maybe if you squish it a bit and rotate it around it’ll look more natural

Good luck ,


Hey paul. Farmer is coming along, though the back of the had seems too end too soon. I see you live in Utah, so do I. What city are you in, I’m in Sandy?


The fact that it looks like its about to fall off is supposed to be part of the joke, but maybe its only something that I get. You see, I grew up in a small town in Iowa, and my brothers and I would always get a kick out of how the farmers would wear their hats. (Always at the very tip of their head, not squished, very square bill, etc) Basically, the COMPLETE opposite of how a rapper would wear a hat. It always looked like they were going to fall off at any second, but because of some supernatural gravitational mystery the hats stayed on. It always looked so funny. But maybe, as I am now noticing thanks to all of the comments, the joke is too distracting and it looks like an intentional error? Seems that way. I think I’ll fix it.

lerpiedood: I live in Orem and I go to BYU. Nice to meet ya!


Here’s a closer look at the head. the hat isn’t fixed yet, but I was asked to show some more of it so here it is. Later.



Sorry to bring up a somewhat old thread, but I think that guy was my neighbor when I was a kid! (I too am from a small-Iowa town).

Nice looking model, any updates to show on it?


Actually, I have made a few changes. I tweaked the hat like everyone suggested I do. Hopefully that looks better now. I also redid the soles of his boots because they were messed up. I thickened up the edge of his gloves so that they didn’t look so paper thin. Plus a few other minor changes. Thanks for the complement! What part of Iowa did you grow up in?




looks cool!any animation yet?


Well, I’m not much of an animator, but I do have a simple walk cycle I did. I posted a link to that at the bottom (Its really not that exciting though, I promise!). I wanted to learn how to rig so the walk cycle was to test out my rig. As you can see, there are some problems with it. I also did a number of blend shapes, so the face can express a number of emotions. I actually have a whole story that I have boarded, and someday I would like to make a short out of it. Thanks.




Originally posted by PaulSchoeni

What part of Iowa did you grow up in?

It’s a small town in the north-central called Iowa Falls. Nothing much, about 6000 people or so. It’s straight south of Mason City about 45 miles.

I do like the new soles better. Keep it up, looks great :thumbsup:


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