Farewell Kiss, Michael Dashow (2D)


Title: Farewell Kiss
Name: Michael Dashow
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

Hi, all! This is my finally-completed entry for the just-ended CG Challenge, the theme for which was ‘The Journey Begins.’ (But everyone knows that already, right? It’s kind of hard to miss…)
If you’re interested in process and close-up shots, you can see at least a few pages of the steps involved in the CG Challenge thread here:
But the short version is line art in pencil, a little 3D work to work out some of the shadow placement, and painting all in Photoshop. 10 weeks of sporadic work overall.


wow~I love this picture~ I like the funny style~it looks very "liveliness"and I like those colours with I like the scene~great job****4staaaaars from me~~~~~~~~:bounce: :bounce:


impressively done walrus…:thumbsup:. im really enjoying it…:).


Hey wonderful image walrus! I wish you the best of luck! I wish I could have entered in this one but just didn’t have time away from work.


:wavey: from your fangirl!

I really like how this one turned out, but then again you knew that. :smiley: Hope you get yourself another trophy with this one and a win in the challenge, you deserve it.

How’s the brainbots coming along? I sense a lack of work in that area!


This is one of unique, stylish and warm theme.
Good luck!
I’ll be joined for the next project. I have to keep it up mine.


What can I say? Good, good, good.
Where is the 10 star button? Ouch only five?


Outstanding. Easily 5 stars.

IMHO it’s all incredibly well done. The color, lighting, composition, technical execution, style, everything. I’m hard pressed to see any area where this image could be improved.


This is tight, I love the colors and those rune looking things in the background. Worthy of Fives Stars.



Aha, finally see your entry on the finished thread, Mike! Great work here and it is quite insightful to see how this work is being produced from scratch. Thank you for sharing so much with all of us and then some!

I hope we can continue our God-Ray scourging (as TheresaClip put it) during the next challenge! It was a lot of fun! :smiley: All the best to you for this challenge!


nice… 5stars 4 u


wow!!, i enjoy very much this lovely escene!! great, i can feel inside the picture!, 5 stars for you:applause:


I believe, you’ve already got a bunch of compliments, but anyways: this is an amazing piece. The characters and the concept of the world together with wonderful colouring are just charming. One of the best things I’ve seen lately. Thanks for posting


Excellent work Walrus! Beautiful idea and colors, I like it very much. Good luck in challenge :thumbsup: 5stars


Ooh! This is soo likable! Great warm color!


Thats nice :slight_smile: very cute.


Very nice indeed !

and the expression on the bird is just classic :smiley:


Such a cool atmosphere! Congrats, turned out great. Such happy colors xD


You’ve really ended up with a fab image Michael. Great depth, colour, characters and composition! Good luck with it sir! :slight_smile:


nicely done michael,everything is there~i like the gestures of the characters ,the overal depth is awesome and definitely dig the design for on the buildings structure,good luck again my friend:thumbsup::thumbsup: