Far Cry demo


A demo for the hotly anticipated Far Cry has been released. Its a SP demo only.


3DGamers has it aswell I believe. I havent seen it on any major gaming web sites but im sure as the word spreads fileshack and the like will host it.

Im on 64% at the moment :slight_smile:



fileshack has it


OMG! YES YES YESSSS! i have been waiting for ever (well not really for ever) to play thins game…it looks SOOOO good…(can you tell i’m excited? :stuck_out_tongue: )
well i must now leave you all to go and DL this demo…drool :drool: :bowdown: :love:


game is seriously going to kick arse !!!

oh yeah I can tell U :wink: !!


I was all stoked about playing this game, but after playing this demo, I was sorely dissapointed. The graphics are pretty good, the AI was not as good I they had been built up to be. also, sometimes my bullets were stopped by leaves or grass, that was truely annoying. Hopefully they will fix things up before launch.

overall rating

:shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:


I have not played a demo this buggy in a loooooong time. It blue screened my computer twice, among other things. The AI is stupid and once you start playing the graphics aren’t as amazing as you’d think. Awesome sense of scale and enormous draw distance though.


hunh, are you folks playing the same game I am?

I was fortunate enough not to have any technical problems, and I have a fair ammount of CPU and ram to throw at it.

The AI was pretty good, but I could imagine it sucking if it had less CPU time to spend on it. THe AI is a nice design, but it clearly makes decisions at intervals, and if heavy CPU usage pushes those intervals farther apart, that would be bad. They are on par with the behavior of half-life marines, but they behave that way without scripts like half-life used. Which is a pretty good acheivement.

Visually it si nice, but there have been a lot of people having video problems with it especially with anti-aliasing. I was able to run it at 1024x768x32 with anti-aliasing set to medium, and it worked nicely. Very smooth for me.

Polish wise, it needs to get rid of the pondering reality with a black screen when making config changes or progressing through menus. It needs to work on the LOD popping as well, and they need to adjust the minimum and recommended stats. having a lot of ram apparantly makes a large difference in how the game behaves for you.


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