Far and Away, Stanislav Klabik (3D)


technically this is newrly flawless work. well done.

the modeling, lighting and rendering is really good.

how did you make teh threads ?

only suggestion is, since you are making your own version you could have made him smile or stick out his tounge, something different from the original pic.


Very, very nice modelling. Excellent image. I am blown away by the detail on that wool hat!!! I would love to see more renders of him with different lights (like a night time version for example). But that’s just me and my curiosity.
I think you should remove the ‘?’ question mark by your ‘3d artist’ description of yourself. You are an excellent 3d artist. Be very happy with your work/ talent. As for the criticism…sure, criticism is important for an artist, but then that depends on who is criticising you and what they say!


‘I would like to know where is the fun in recreating a photo in 3D that has already been recreated ?’

…is IRRELEVANT CRITICISM!! If indeed it is criticism and not just stating an opinion. Why not create a model that’s been done before? How many Angelina Jolies are on CGSociety? How many Porshes? How many Wolverines etc. etc.
Yet SlayerCZ comes up with this amazing image and the best criticism on offer is…erm…where’s the fun?

If you don’t have any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism to offer then don’t say anything at all.

Five stars from me SlayerCZ just for the sheer effort you have put in here. Well done.




This one is Amazing, the level of realism you reached with this work, the only clue that makes it look cgish its the face itself, its almost perfect but there’s a very very slight detail, cant tell precisely if its the specularity or something that prevents the face from looking 100% percent real while looking at it in detail, but the modeling its great and the cap, scarf and cloth, DO looks Real. What called most my attention was the scarf modeling and texturing, looks so damn natural, I would like to see what you did to get the texture like that XD. 5 Stars :slight_smile:


Cap is made using same plugins and technique like Greg Petchovsky used in his latest project, he wrote there about plugins that modeled geometry using mapping of source object.

All materials in scene are fastskin materials only with different textures colors and settings.

Thanks for comments.


Very nice work, I like the descriptive detail like little abnormalities in clothes etc - very realistic.
One thing I dont like is composition…and the eye lids are too sharp in shape, also the lips are too “cut” like with knife…


Six stars! rsrsrs

Man, that´s unbeliveable! Great modeling, amazing textures… I´m your fan!!!


Amazing work, i´m impressed


Great work man! I must say I don´t like this character from first time I saw him somewhere in book like BWphoto, he is not jolly to me, really :scream: But The cg skills are incredible, love materials and lightning, especially clothes are amazing. Congratz :thumbsup:


Everything is Wou :eek: , realy fantastic work .


Why can nobody take “try to be more unique” as a constructive critisism? :surprised

Ok maybe i’m a bit harsh, ok, modeling is awsome, some extra detail on the specular would be great, but this might be due to the resolution of the pic on cgtalk, a higher res may show the detail a little more on the specular, can you post one?

Plese don’t make me out to be an ass “How many Angelina Jolies are on CGSociety? How many Porshes? How many Wolverines etc. etc.” ok, i might sound a bit like an ass now but… different camera angles/ poses / lighting set ups go a long way, it’s artistic liscense, bringing your own “feel” to a piece is what makes it art.

SlayerCZ; Seriously, this is a great piece, I never wanted to take that away, the same with “lobo”, as I could see the amount of work put into it even before you posted the screenshots, I was merely trying to inspire you to try your own thing, to see what your own imagination could do with your great modeling skills…

Great work, great modeling, unbelievable patience on the cloth, i’m sure i will get plenty of bashing anyway, but I hope you can understand where I am coming from.



I am the one who already recreated this picture, but with a different technique http://giuseppeguzzardi.cgsociety.org/gallery/537235/

It’s nice to see the old gentleman here again, he is becoming a real star!
As to your work, I have also thought about doing the image gain the way you did, sculpting more detailed the face and recreating the skin and a new texture for it, and eliminate all light effects and create a character which can be reproduced from all angles
but for me “Signs of Time” is a concluded work piece and I have learned a lot from it.

I like your clothes; the skin though seems a bit artificial and I think the background is a bit to blurry.

I do agree however that this image is under your normal standard – I am used to see your amazing works that I really admire.



I understand you, but you and me know that if I rotate the camera a bit left or change his wool cap for Baseball cap, you will write the same comment, or if the source photo will be completely mine, the comments will be same again. My eyes are opened now, for me this was last drop, no offense, but thanks for it.

Best regards and best luck, thanks to all who didn´t punish me for creating FULL 3D REPRODUCTION OF PHOTO WITHOUT PHOTO ELEMENTS OR FAKES, thanks.


Thanks for your point of view, now I am not a thief, I appreciate it, because nobody defended me, only one I think.

I do agree however that this image is under your normal standard – I am used to see your amazing works that I really admire.

No offense, i don´t want to sound harsh or rude but Am I condemned to do works like Lobo to the end of my life? I hope so not. As I see I set my standards really high and now receive “bad” words for it.


And yet again you think i’m attacking you, that was um… expected.

Actually no, please do change the camera angle, lighting set-up, and put a baseball cap on him, because then i wouldn’t of mentioned how close it was to the photo.

Please read carefully “Seriously, this is a great piece” “Great work, great modeling, unbelievable patience on the cloth”

And I will say it again. “wow, droolz, awsome man”

“No offense, i don´t want to sound harsh or rude but Am I condemned to do works like Lobo to the end of my life? I hope so not. As I see I set my standards really high and now receive “bad” words for it.”

Every artist should know, in the great words of a great teacher " if you can create something once, you can create it again better, all works post will shadow all work before"

14 months on a pic… wow


No I don´t think you attacked me, you only said your opinion which is totally different from mine.

“wow, droolz, awsome man” Please, I am not big fun of irony or sarkasm in these cases.

14 months on a pic -yeah, my Lobo picture tooks me about 14 months


I wanted to make a compliment, maybe my English is not so good. :slight_smile:
Relax, I received worse comments for the same old man, but I’m here again and still alive!

I think you are on the right track, even your Batman for me was awards.


Common:), I ppreciate your comment, really good to hear that my standard is high and you like my works, but on the other hand I am a bit sad, because every next picture must be better than Lobo for example, but I want to do “simple” pictures and scenes too. But realyl thanks you, appreciate it.

The best thing we can do now is stop this useless discussion, I am really tired, not strong enough to defend my opinions and point of view anymore.

Best Luck to all and farewell


Ok I don’t want all that mess ,I first saw the pic of Giuseppe on CG Gallery 8 months ago and it was really a good work I don’t even think , there was a model .
So that’s why I was so surprise .
I’m still surprise , it is so close .
And I apologize again .
The only thing I could say now is that from the same picture you really did , both of you , a wonderful work .


great, great work… and like ome people said before, the clothes are greatly done…