Far and Away, Stanislav Klabik (3D)


I’m really sorry to tell you that it’s a Plagiat of Giuseppe Guzzardi like eightgr said , in that case you should mention tribute to .

and if it’s from a pic could you give us the link .


Amazing. I have no words to say. 10 stars :slight_smile:


very nice job. I remember having seen it before. Can you maybe post the picture you used as reference, just to see how close you came :slight_smile:


Well, really thanks for your “nice” words, as you can see my pic looks totally different from what you post, here is the link with photo which I used as a source picture for making my own 3d version. And as you can see, the picture form link posted above is looking like only like a projection of original photo, only clothes look like they are modeled because looks bad.

This photo of old man I found when I searched for some reference for old people and then decided to create him,

NO PHOTO SUBJECT USED IN MAKING OF THIS PICTURE, only photo element is background!


But thanks for your blame anyway, now I feel a lot better.


Thanks for the information so 8 months after Giuseppe you’ve got the same model . Thanks for information and keep on the good work .
But when you keep so close to a subject please mention it


My picture is whole 3d and I this guy saw first in my life, I didn´t know that this old man si so known.

And try to read my first post below image, I wrote that I used photo as reference, for accurate reproduction!!! So I think that is all clear you only didn´t read it.

And try to accept, that my image is whole created from nothing without phototextures or something like that, his image is PHOTOprojection, he wrote it self! And you really think, that our images are same?

Anyway, maybe some apology for your blame would be nice, but who cares.


I would like to know where is the fun in recreating a photo in 3D that has already been recreated :surprised

You are a talented artist Stanislav, as you have proved in the past, but would like to see some more unique work from you rather than recreating old works/photos/inks. I admit there is a market for this kind of thing in the film industry etc, and also that your version has a lot more skill involved than the previous photomapped version.

As for the pic, i honestly don’t think it’s up to your usual standard, but looks good.

Not putting you down Stanislav, your a great artist…



Nice job! Amazing details. I love it.


It is the same fun as a creating the celebrities with nice clean faces with photoelements which you can see on cgtalk. or like a creating a self accurate portrait with photo textures like portrait from great Piotr Wysocki, but I don´t know why only I am attacked.

And as i wrote in the beginning, this picture is only skill test, only realistic attempt, nothing less, nothing more, no deeper fake ideas behinf this picture, only skill test.

But thanks, this words force me to think again about why I am still doing cg.


And you a right, this isn´t my standard, because I don´t want to spend a 14 months or something like that on another project, because nobody appreciate it and nobody really don´t know how hard is these big projects bring to life , so i decided to make one “simple” portrait for fun a for testing my skills, or am I condemned to making Big projects with thousands of objects and textures with details, because I set my standard in projects I did before? And as you see I was blamed that I stole other photomapped picture of this guy, and you criticise me because this scene is too simply for my standards? This is not te critics what I am looking for, but I must accept that world isn´t nice place.


It is an amazing modelling,rendering job, congrats!
I think you’re a great artist, and anyone who have seen your portfolio can verify this. So, there’s no need to get upset, about the critics.:slight_smile:


I find it strange how everytime someone makes a negative comment about your work, you retaliate as if you are being attacked, did I not mention I thought you were a great artist, that this is far better than the mentioned previous version!?

An artists best learning tool is critisism, if you can’t take it honestly why are you an artist? I havn’t seen one post in here bashing your work, on the contrary people have praised it and only questioned your reasoning behind doing a recreation of a recreation.

I belive the only reason I post my work on this site is to get critisisms, therfore my work improves with every new piece, how can you learn if people don’t point out your mistakes, what is the point of having 100 comments saying “Wooooow, drooolz, awsome pic man” What do you learn from that?

Again, no one is atacking you.


simply amazing!:eek: the work on the cloth is outstanding. im really curious how you did his cap for example, but i’m also curious about the shader and render settings you used. when i first saw it i have to admit i also thought that the cloth parts are photo, but that only shows how good it is. :drool:


That’s a damn cool piece…! :love:
I only find the hairs some strange…
Otherwise, everything looks perfect…
And a true choice as a reference picture.


But you didn´t criticise my technical work, you criticise the being of what I am doing and this is different from usual critics, If you want, please criticise my shaders, my clothes, my lights and etc. but please don´t criticise me for doing a portrait with photo reference, did you criticise every artist which decided to make a picture from real reference or real person? In Lobo picture you criticise me that I used Rafael Garrés artwork for basic setup scene because I added lot of my own elemtns, and now you did same.


Great image with excellent modeling skill - yes, this is a pleasant departure from seeing the usual chick with big boobs image.


Great work SlayerCZ! I won’t comment the likeness of the character because it feels as if the person who took the photo simply took a second shot and you posted it here. Great execution. My only crits are the hair and the area where his forehead meets the hat. The hair looks a bit thin and noisy. I believe that the edge of the hat should be closer to the skin in the front 'cause it sticks out a bit right now. But when you look at the over all look of the image all these little crits lose any sense.
BTW I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. Recreation of the same object (in this case a person that has a lot of character in him) happens very often. I have seen about ten cg recreations of Michelangelo’s David but I don’t think that the artist’s of each one should mention the other 9 :slight_smile:


Hope this proof that i am not cheater, thief or something similar.


Stunning model! I only thin the hairs (beard and mustache) should be much thinner then they are now.


One word AMAZING ! :bowdown:


Hope this proof that i am not cheater, thief or something similar.
well the work is so superb that if you didn’t get a frontpage nor an award, I think that’s just because the feeling is thats’s just a fake. stunning works take some time to get used to the mind as a real thing.