Far and Away, Stanislav Klabik (3D)


Ok I don’t want all that mess ,I first saw the pic of Giuseppe on CG Gallery 8 months ago and it was really a good work I don’t even think , there was a model .
So that’s why I was so surprise .
I’m still surprise , it is so close .
And I apologize again .
The only thing I could say now is that from the same picture you really did , both of you , a wonderful work .


great, great work… and like ome people said before, the clothes are greatly done…



I agree with you. Mentioning that someone has used the same reference photo as you is irrelevant to constructive criticism. You were creating this piece for you, not anyone else, and you just felt like showcasing it. Criticism for your work should be on how to improve the piece, not on improving your decisions for creating the piece.


Hi slayer

I had a big problem with Giuseppe’s original image so its nice to see that the time has been taken to sculpt most of the detail and not use photomapping techniques. I agree the clothes are fantastic and the image is technically really good. The model is superior as it has more depth and life, especially in the eyes.

Personally i think you should have added a bit more to the image rather than recreating the photo that is very similar to Giuseppe’s image. As fx has mentioned, even a subtle change of expression would have made all the difference. I also have to agree that your batman image is awesome and suprised that you didnt recieve a cgtalk award.

This old fella is really becoming a star, maybe its not the last we’ll see of him.



The head cover and scarf modeling took away 20 sec of my breath. Nicely done!


I just want to say and agree with liquidminduk and scala about the comments. Why you need so many woah, wow, amazing, beautifle…etc? More important is the critics than compliments. And nobody attack you man. So do your job and do it good as always. Maybe some uniqe model to show will be better. Anyway good job.


Wonderful job!!!

…but Lobo is unsurpassable!:love:


Hello SlayerCZ

I will be about criticizing your work, although I recognize that after all that said in this thread is makes it a little difficult, in this respect I remind to all the difficult one that it is in some cases to show a work and this kind of forums they are exactly for that, if the artist that publish something feels offended, is obvious that the critic was not well made.

Mine are the following ones: I don’t like the background it is very blurring, becomes unstuck much of the model 3d, there is still something metallic in the skin, but in general without having details the exercise completed it excellent, I congratulate you.

PS. Sorry for my English.


Hah! I think all this grumble is a compliment for you because you achieve this point in which peoples don’t believe it is 3D. It is scarry to me just imagine what is your next work will be. 5 stars, nothing more to say.
P.S. My advice: don’t listen to any indeterminate positions. As Russian say: ‘It is easy to hurt artists feelings’.


great work 5star


The lighting is magnificent, setting realistic and character is completely and utterly believable. Very good.


I don’t understand the reasons of all this chritics.

This is a REAL 3d work, with a REAL skill of the artist who created this stuff.
Nothing like easy photomapping.

Great work Stanislav, or Slayer.

I can see arts of inredible beauty in your portfolio (I love Lobo :slight_smile: ), and I cannot understand the reason why you are not have been awarded yet.

Hope to see some your new work soon :wink:

5* from me.


Still loving this image - great work!


very lovely



omfg , its incredible , you know that anyway. thats breathtaking attention to detail man. only difference between the reference and the render is the haircut makes it different.
the clothes are simply perfect, modeling is just amazing


Hy! I am posting this 7 months later just to tell you that the image is flawless and i can’t understand why people when they don’t have something technical to criticise they get on the originality part. I think it’s harder to replicate something from the real world than making a Zbrush ultra detailed monster with bad anatomy and than say "this is how i wanted him to be so stop buggin me ".

And for those who say that this is bellow his usual standard. Why is that? Why is this image bad? Because it’s background is blurred? That fakes a camera effect. What next?

This is a good example of how good artists are bad criticises and when they react they are told " you should learn how to get critics". It makes me sick!


this work is truly amazing! congratulations!


Hey SlayerCZ… Dont listen to anyone man… You ROCK! :slight_smile:

Your skills are tremendous.


The only thing that bothers me, is the angle of the light (Shadow casting one). In your background image I think that the light is coming slightly from the left, so the shadows are leaning towards the right side. In your render it seems to be vertical, so the shadow of the nose is leaning downwards.
Maybe I am wrong though!

Thats it, nothing else…!

Its just stunning mate!

Well done, and I wish I had your skills… :cool: !



Thanks for your support.

drummer, Grrrrrrr - thanks dudes, I appreciate your words !

I agree with you, you are right, the light in photo come frome top-left but in my scene, the light is above the character as in reference image, when I found this photo after long time of searching i was really happy that I found good photo for him but I totally forgot, that light come from different position. But the character was the most important, so I decided to use this photo even the incorrect light position.

Hehe, you are really good, you are the first who mentioned it, this sense for details is really important. : )



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