Far and Away, Stanislav Klabik (3D)


Title: Far and Away
Name: Stanislav Klabik
Country: Czech Republic
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop


maybe you will know this old man, this work was conceived as a photoreal character based on the real photography, the main goal was to made accurate character, nothing less and nothing more:) I added only different haircut. I choose this character because this guy has really unique face, not like the usual faces seen around us. Maybe I was a little bit bored by the nice and clean characters and mainly the women, so hope this unusual man will be a bit different from what you saw until now. Modeling was done in 3dsmax and Mudbox, render via Mental Ray and Photoshop for textures, I used Mental Ray first time so I really enjoy learning shaders lights etc.I did massive postproduction in PS, color balance, dirt, at the end I added noise and dirt with grain for more realism, because I don´t want unreal studio look.

Hope you like it.


Stunning work! really good and i have no real negative crits to give you so you get all my 5 stars. :slight_smile:

/ Magnus


Very nice output. As you say, I remember someone has used the same reference as you about 1 year or something ago. Anyway, very good job. I especially like what you made with clothes. And also the general AA of the image. Details are very clearly seaming.

Good work.


Amazing job, congrats :thumbsup:

Front page stuff!


i am always very skeptic when i see something like this. can you post grey shaded model ? and is everything cg, like the clothes ?


Really cool execution. Excellent. Love it.

A while ago i did a really quick sculpt of the same guy. :slight_smile: Here is my one:



wow, great render¡¡¡ and funny expresion… jajaja … keep it up


Woah! impressive work, one of the most amazing CG portraits I’ve ever seen, could you post the grey shaded model?

5 stars



thanks for comments, I´ll post clay render and some details on models later, because at this time isn´t rendered.

fx81-a bit sad that you think I am a cheater. Everything is cg, only background is photo which I postproducted for my purposes, so I added dof.



Hope this proof that i am not cheater, thief or something similar.


If everything is CG, then the clothes are the most impressive thing in the image. That’s not to say that the face isn’t good - it is, but the clothes are what interest me.

Care to share some workflow techniques for the clothes?


holy shit :eek::eek: , this is amazing , and i agree with Bryan Y, the clothes are the most impressive thing in the image , please share us some workflow techniques os this project


You show me the old man’s expression,very good feeling .Great job!


REALLY REALLY, nice work man. :love: Very Very nice.


Awesome work,clothes are the best part…almost close to real,wires please! :beer:


Outstanding work! Not to say that you are cheating, but for my own curiosity I’ve got to see the wires and unshaded model for this, si vous plait! :slight_smile:



Very realistic man, background is super)))


Did I Miss Something ?




cool job SlayerCZ perfect job on face I like it more than original photo;)


It’s a different artist, pretty cool to see how they both turned out.

Nice stuff Slayer!


Very sharp details.

It is just a shame that the lighting doesn’t match the background, and the background plate is too blurred. If the sun was coming from behind the guys back right shoulder like in the background photo it would cast some shadow across his face and help to add a bit more relief, I find the shading a bit flat with the current light setup.

Awesome modelling, as mentioned, the clothes are extremely well done. Is the hat texturing done with displacement?

Could you post a link to the reference photo, I don’t know it?