I don’t understand a thing. how do you know that the people really just use the allowed time? they post a lot after the hour that you put the topic. or didn’t I understand the rule? please explain to me so that I can participate in the chalenge. thank you very much.


we trust in each other :wink: (oooh how beautiful it sounds)

[size=2]…there is no real prize and the rules are not that strict, I mean, if someone “cheats”, what would be the benefit for him? pfft, we don’t have a DSG police department, this is just for practicing and having fun…
I hope to see you sketching soon! :wip:

(mmmm… now I want a t-shirt with “DSGPD” on it, hehehe…(Daily Sketch Group Police Department))


You know, that sounds like a cool topic.
BTW welcome to the fold ivandisimoni.



Thank you very much for the explanation. I already posted 2 sketches in the category “hero” because it was no limit, now I will start to post also in the categories with time limit .


Do people account for the time for thumbnails or developmental sketches as part of the finished product? Is this important? Cuz i’ll do a few thumbnails before I find something I like. At times I will redo the piece or start another document entirely.

The rules state to post your work @ the time limit, but this isn’t an accurate depiction, if you account for the total time. The single finished piece might be fraction of that and within the time limit or you might just find a pose or idea just as time runs out.

What is the concenus for this? :slight_smile:



Hey Spiritt! To be honest, the time limits are just guidelines to help you improve your technique and to motivate you. No one has ever had a problem with anyone going over the time limit (even in the voting thread).

I personally wouldn’t count the thumbnail unless you started building your painting directly from that thumbnail. But even if you did so what? Some people produce gorgeous works in very little time, some people are just barely getting started (you should have tried some of those 15 minute threads), and some people like me get a good rough draft right at the time limit. That’s okay because if you feel inspired you can still work on it and post both a rough draft (that you completed within the time limit) and a finished piece (that you completed hours and hours later).

Basically what I’m saying is we are here to encourage each other, not judge each other. So feel free to experiment and try to use the timelimits to your advantage by pushing yourself to learn new techniques that save you time.


Thanks JTD, for the input! I’ve visited other Art forums and I believe DSF is one of the better communities out there in regards to constructive critiques and positive encouragement. Some forums out there even have Trash Talking as being mandatory participation. (which I think is pretty arrogant, but to each their own…) :shrug: :slight_smile:

I do agree with you about the talented artists here. It’s inspiring to see the quality of work posted on a daily basis. Also, the level of speed that some ppl are able to complete the daily topic is short of amazing.

Anyway, thanks! & Practice on ppl! :thumbsup:


oops double post


how do i get into the group ? i think this is a great idea and would LOVE to take part… i have a wacom and about 4-5 years of PS under my belt… can i join ?


There are no membership requirements.
Just post.


how do i post my sketch in the forum ?


Newcomer signing up for the DSG soon! This is my first post ever to CGtalk and I really look forward to joining up. I’ve been following this forum for a quite some time and finally decided that what the heck, i will participate also with my beginner scribbles. After all, the only way to improve is to draw and draw some more. So see you all soon in here, unless i chicken out :wink:


I’m sorry, I’ve already posted some sketches but it’s always visualized only the thumbnail, how can I visualize directly my image like all the others?
Please let me know…


Credit to John-S for telling me this… It is a direct quote from his post on my thread.

"go to http://imageshack.us/

choose your file and select the "host it" button

then copy the code for "hotlink for forums 1"

paste that into your post and don't use any of cgtalks image buttons etc. Its all done for you.."

And as soom as I’m done the model I’m trying to do in two weeks for the hardcore mini challaneg I will surely start contributing to the sketch group. I’ve just started really enjoying digital painting and it seems like great fun.

And I’m sorry if this has been answered but one question… How do I know which is the current daily sketch? And is there any longer sketch thing set up? Anything like the daily skech group with perhaps a week to do a painting?

Allright, i think I might have answered a part of my own question… I can see when the particular sketch topic is posted and I would have from then until the sketch of the week thread was posted still staying within the time limit of the particular sketch.


Thanks rkraiza for the advice!!! Really!!!

You can join any of the daily scketch of the current week, there’s one new every day.
I think there’s no weekly contest.
see you soon in the scketch forum.


Ok could someone please clear this up for me?

First I have been looking at this particular forum for a long time now and have barely added to it because I never have a clue what is active and what is not.

  1. Sticky daily sketch challenges - This would allow new members to know what challenge is being offered and which have passed. (the number system gets lost as you sometimes need to go through alot of posts to find the highest number)

  2. Sticky weekly sketch challenge - Same reason as above

  3. Maybe use dates? ie: Daily Sketch Challenge Liquid 30002 9/1/2007 est to 9/2/2007 est - This would allow all time zones across the planet to join in and give a definate time for the challenges

  4. Add something to the beggining to elaborate on the rules or lack of . For instance “New Zealand”. Am I restricted on what I can draw about New Zealand? Does the drawing have to say New Zealand? Do I have to draw New Zealand itself? Do I have to draw someone from New Zeland? etc… Just a sticky about some ground (rules or lack of) I think would turn more people to these challenges.

But I only read through 4 pages of this faq before posting this and all this might be moot already. (If so sorry)



Almost 100 FAQ posts could be condensed into a simple heading with the steps for posting in the Daily Sketch Forum. Not everyone speaks English as their first language. It would encourage more people to enter if it was easier to understand…


[size=2]Common Acronyms and Abbreviations:

DSF - Daily Sketch Forum
NTL - No Time Limit
SOTW - Sketch of the Week

How do I join the DSF?
There isn’t a member list and there isn’t a secret password or handshake. To join, simply login and post your topic sketch. It’s that simple. And, it can be very effective.

How do I post an image?
Posting your images is remarkably easy:

First, upload your image to an image-hosting site such as imageshack or photobucket.

Copy the link to that image.

Register and login as a CGTalk Member if you haven’t already.

Click on the DSF thread you wish to post your sketch.

Click POST REPLY. This button is found at the top and bottom of the thread.

Activate the message area by clicking in it (the image will appear where your cursor is flashing).

Click the icon that looks like a little yellow postcard or envelope. That should open a scripted window.

Paste the link to your image into the highlighted section reading “null.” Your image will then appear in your post.

*If the scripted window does not open and you get a warning at the top of your browser about scripted windows, R-Click on the bar and select “Temporarily Allow Scripted Windows.” Click the yellow postcard again to launch the window.

I’m new to CGTalk. Why isn’t my post showing right away?
Brand new users have a two-post review process to go through. It’s painless and if your posts are validated, you shouldn’t experience any delay in your later posts. Just remember, courtesy and respect is expected in this forum - just like any other on CGTalk. That does not mean you must pretend to love every piece presented. It merely means that you must behave politely when providing a critique on the strengths and weaknesses of a piece. As the reply rules say, “Engage your brain before your mouth.”

Can I use any medium?
The DSF is unconcerned what you medium you use as long as the sketch doesn’t plagiarize another’s work (unless specified otherwise: e.g. Self-Portrait as a South Park Character). We like to know what was used to sate our curiosity but feel free to use any program or any traditional method.

I’m a complete novice! Is that okay?
This is forum for all levels of people. Moreover, that’s not just inclusive and shallow advertising. It’s the truth. Anyone that has felt nervous about posting because they feel unqualified, your concerns are heard. We’ve been there. For many of us, our first posts had us shaking in our chairs. But, the DSF is unique. Insults, harassment, and rude comments are completely unacceptable and the forum leaders do a fine job of enforcing that policy. That’s not to say everyone will praise your work. There will be critiques and some will be blunter than others will, but no one intends to crush your art - they just want to help you build it. If your new, nervous, and/or want a critique, say so! This forum actually behaves like a polite and helpful community. Have you posted a sketch but didn’t get the critique and help you wanted? That’s a shame. Most of us try but we’re busy too. The last thing we want is for you to feel like our silence is social pressure to make you leave. Just remember to be polite and if you keep on drawing, someone will come around soon enough.

What’s up with the time limits?
The time limits have confused people for a while now. It is mostly established that the time limit is set for the actual production of the piece. Most people don’t include reference hunting and while thumbnails are bit of a murkier aspect, no one’s really going to begrudge using ten extra minutes to find a decent composition. However, it can be useful as a growing experience to count the thumb nailing as part of your production time. The enforcement of time limits regarding voting is flexible. No one will discount your entry for five or ten minutes. Some are even flexible up to fifteen or twenty minutes. The DSF is undergoing some new changes that may change this, but that will come when our forum leader says so. Finally the present suspicion: who’s being honest about their time? The DSF works on an honor system and sometimes you see a piece and you have to wonder. However, I would like to hope that most of the community makes a concentrated effort to be honest in their behavior. This is how we grow, by being honest with each other about our skills and critiques.

I’m so busy! Can I sketch only once in a while?
The DSF doesn’t require a commitment and is respectful of our busy lives. You can sketch once and not return for a year. You can sketch every topic. It doesn’t matter. Come, go, and grow as you please. Just remember to keep your sketches somehow relevant.

*If you’re looking to post your personal sketches that aren’t related to the topics, visit CGTalk > General Techniques > Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art Personal Anatomy & Sketchbook Threads (http://forums.cgsociety.org/forumdisplay.php?f=200). Here you can develop a sketchbook thread to post your sketches. Some sketchbooks are also posted in the WIP/2D section.

How do I know which threads are active?
The newest DSF topic is posted at the top of the thread, just below the sticky threads. It is also identifiable by the increasing numbers in the thread’s title. Topic threads are open and active until the Category Vote Thread for those topics has been posted. The time period between the initial post of the topic until the voting generally lasts 7 days (five to be safe), some even later but that is not very common. Most thread activity stalls by the fifth day unless they are unusually popular threads. Once the Category Vote Thread [Officially known as Sketch of the Week: Tell Us What Your Favorite is for the Week! Cat (#-#)] for a range of topics most activity ceases in those topics. While that does not mean that thread is officially closed, any entry added after that isn’t likely to receive much attention as most people have moved onto the newer threads.

What kind of threads are in the DSF?
Variety is the spice of life. To add to that variety, all sketchers are encouraged to post topic ideas to the Topic Suggestions Thread (it’s one of the sticky threads). Our forum leader Roberto Ortiz also jazzes up the DSF by adding special threads. There are a few types of threads:

Topic Threads: These threads make up the bulk of the DSF. They feature a topic, a time limit, and follow the normal guidelines. These guidelines are posted at the top of every sketch thread.

Sketch of the Week: Tell Us… Threads: These threads are where sketchers post their votes for the specified categories.

Concept Art Threads: These threads encourage sketches of a particular style or subject as a way to provide concept art for other challenges such as VFX Challenges and 3D Modeling Challenges.

Experimental Threads: Just as the title says, Mr. Ortiz has placed a unique challenge on the topic. The most recent of these was a thread called “The Hero.” That threads particular challenge involved color restrictions on the entries. This is but one example.

Hyper-Review Threads: These lesser-seen threads were particularly helpful threads. This thread requests that everyone who posts provide a critique a previous poster. The exchange of helpful advice is very useful so don’t shy away from these rarely seen threads.

How do I find sketches from the old topics?
Most of the old sketch threads can be found in the Sketch of the Week Gallery. Here, Mr. Ortiz has composed links to all the Sketch of the Week threads. Inside those threads are links to the mentioned categories. For example:

Sketch of the Week Gallery > THE SKETCH OF THE WEEK: Tell us what is your favorite sketches from Cat (978-984) > CGTalk Daily Sketch 984

You can also search for a category number in the search box at the bottom of the DSF.

How do I vote for my favorite?
Participating in the voting process is easy too. Select the thread beginning with "THE SKETCH OF THE WEEK: Tell us what is your favorite sketches from Cat (#-#).” The numbers that follow “Cat” indicate the different topics to vote for the week. Then post your reply with your votes. You might notice that some people don’t vote for all the topics but rather leave one or two certain topics with “NO VOTE.” This response hasn’t had much resistance so if you don’t feel comfortable voting for in a topic you’ve participated in or simply didn’t enjoy any of the sketches, this is a viable option provided it is used sparingly. Finally, you don’t need to be a participant to vote for the SOTW.

Is there a lot of competition?
If the thought of voting creates too much competition for you, you’re not the only one. Many people were worried about that once. After a few posts, most conclude that we’re all here for the fun. Is it nice to be nominated? Sure it is. Yet, no one’s really here to win. That’s what the major challenges are for. This forum exists to practice, play, and encourage. Thus, you can use the voting process as a way to push yourself or you can ignore it entirely because no one is going to think less of you regardless.[/size]


Thank you for the information about participating in DSF. Can you please tell me if you have to be one of the sketchers to vote in the SOTW threads? I’m new here and haven’t added any sketches yet but have taken part in voting once and didn’t think about whether I was actually allowed to. Apologies if that’s not on.


Why aren’t the Daily Sketches lined up in order?
Try deleting your browser’s cashe, cookies, and temporary internet files. This works for some people.

Am I allowed to vote for SOTW without being a sketcher in the DSF?
You don’t need to be a participant, outside opinions are welcome.