30 is a bit of an exaggeration. Your pics show up after the second post.

And, yes you add your image link into the Image input (which shows up when you press that Image Icon: sun/mountain in the post editor).

Just go for it! You can’t actually break anything…:smiley:

Have fun



For anyone who wants to practice this is the place to be.
I know that the art at CGTALK is really amazing and that may discourage people to want to post their work. If you feel that you want to practice, get crits and just be able to draw everyday, this is the place to be. :slight_smile:

If you are a beginner dont feel intimidated. Yes some people in the DSG are amazing artists that can wip out a masterpiece in less than an hour, but there are many more beginners that just want to practice and enjoy this fun practice (just like me). I have found that drawing everyday is a great practice and that doing a random topic like the DSG is great because you never know whats coming, practice makes perfect and the more you do it the better you will get.

Anyone can participate with any medium. You can even sketch for past topics if you like, there is really no rule against that, UNLESS you want to be considered for voting then just make sure you do it at least before 7 days go by cause it takes 7 days for the voting to begin.

So if you havent done it yet, join the DSG and get to sketching :arteest:


I agree with all the others who said that this should be just for fun - I couldn’t care less if I was selected as Sketch of the Week. It’s only to get some experience and learn to draw more quickly that I decided to start participating here.

The first thing I posted was for the selfportraits which had one hour. I have to admit that one hour is the absolute minimum for me. 15 or 20 minutes - forget about it !

It is true that this part of the forum is too hidden as well as is also the Beginners Lounge.

It is also true that this section is a little bit too complicated to understand seen from outside and particularly the voting system seems a bit complicated.

I think it would be better to have this section a bit more obvious to all members - not something you have to search for or find by coincidence. A real votesystem like on GFXArtist would be nice for this section. I don’t really like the system they have there generally, but I think such a system - but with equal votes for everyone - would be super for the sketch group here.


I’ve not done this yet because I’m just venturing out a little at a time with regards to my comfort zone in this place, which I still feel very new to. I also was under the impression that you guys posted at a certain time, and the person(s) had to watch for the post and they then had 30 minutes (or the given amount of time) to come up with their idea and render it. And at least I for one have work, so mornings are nigh impossible for me. So I guess my question is do you guys ever do these at night ever? For those of us who keep strange hours, and draw at even stranger ones.


Also, I was reading thru a few of the responses, and I know for me when I glanced at the voting page, it was far too hard for me to understand at first glance & the way it was done didn’t peak my curiousity enough to want to figure it out. If I see a daily sketch on the front page I’ll click on it, but I know I want no part in any sort of voting.

I like the idea of having a daily sketch forum. It’s a great way for us to have outside ideas and force us to try and come up with something quickly which is excellent practice. But I know for me, anytime a voting system is in place it makes me a bit uncomfortable & perhaps even less productive. I agree that this should be for fun, and there shouldn’t be any pressure on people to want to excel at it, especially when it’s being encouraged in a beginners forum & with time constraints (though I for one like seeing the experts at work, it gives one something to strive for).


cypherx - The 30min/15min/25min, is all just to try and speed up the practice and actually just a recommendation. If you say have a 25min drawing, take 25 min, get as much of it done as possible in that time, save the image. Then go ahead and finish it as far as you want. Post the two together and final time it took. The time limits are just for improving speed of the thought process and strokes and idea creation.

By the way, you can do the sketches whenever you want, not just in the morning, it can even be a couple days after just make sure it’s not already being voted on ex.
THE SKETCH OF THE WEEK:Tell us what is your favorite sketches from Cat(660-666)
you can still feel free to do 667+ whenever you want. I do my best work around 2 in the morning, if that works for you, do it then. This forum is designed for the artists it’s pretty relaxed. ( i believe someone already explained this to you in the my pet dsg so sorry if it’s repetitive)

As far as voting goes, it’s appreciated, but not mandatory. It’s not a huge competition, it just pulls attention to some of the incredible art that was created thanks to this forum. And lets the voters look thru all the great art that was created. I’ve never had a sketch of the week or even a sketch of the day, (got some votes but no win) but I still participate because I love that it gives me a new inspiration every day. Or just when I need it.

I’ve seen your work before, you’re very skilled, just try for a week. It could be the birth of some amazing creations and the teacher of some great lessons, in 60min or less!


What he said…




Well we are now one of the main forums.
Thanks for your support…



alright, thanks for the info
And for certain I’ll give it a whirl whenever I have freetime.


Hello all I apologize if this question has been both asked and answered, but Im at work sneaking on the pc and No I haven’t searched this thread…this question just came to mind

Ok here goes:
The daily challenges are posted…but what if we cannot do them that day, can they be done later and posted still keeping with time constraints etc?

I finished taking some evening classes, nd for some reason I seem to have less time to get things done…but I do wnat to know the answer for the question

Thanks in advance,


Pamyla: you can do the sketch whenever you want between the time the topic was posted & the voting at the end of the week :slight_smile:


Thanks hangar12 very much!


I have acouple of beginners questions about sketching.

!. Do the sketches have to be done using a tablet or can they be freehand.

  1. I can sketch very well using pencil and paper but I don’t yet have a wacom tablet will my skills be transferable? Can the results aquired using a tablet ever match pencil and paper sketching?


OH NO! How terrible…nobody answered your questions.

  1. they can be freehand and scanned in, no problem
  2. yes, your skills are transferable, but it is different learning to sketch using a tablet. It takes a bit of getting used to in order to learn the pressure needed for shading and details because you are not drawing directly on your work…unless you have loads of money and can afford the top of the line Cintiq which is a pressure sensitive monitor that you draw on directly. Once you start using a tablet, you will get HOOKED on it! :slight_smile:


id like to daily sketch xD but maybe not everyday… other stuff goings on etc… would help to get my skillz up methinks.

ahh… prolly just stick to the bigger/ no limits ones…



Whatever you’d like to do is fine, Mehmi. Welcome aboard!


…for the life of me, i can’t find the sketch of the week thread, where does that get posted, could someone point me to it?

i’ve seen it before from one of the 5 (or 6?) images at the of the forum home, a few weeks back.

much appreciated!


Hello all…

I’ve been in CGTalk for a while, but I’ve never took part on the DSG. I will try to find some time to join soon, but I have another kind of question:

This forum (the CGTalk Daily Sketch) has some great artwork and concepts. Can I use some concepts as a reference for my art, like for example doing a 3D rendition of a 2D sketch posted here?

If this is possible, what should be the requirements? Ask permission from the author of the sketch in advance, or just include some credits and a link to the original post?


artista3d, I would ask the authors, or at least tell them… they will very likely accept IMO… but that’s not a rule of the daily sketch forum, the only owners of the images posted here are the authors, so do as you would do with any other image…


2007, the year to stop lurking and start sketching . I’ve just posted my 1st to one of the daily challenges… and figured I’d make a second post right away to get the validation requirements over and done with.
Anyway I am wondering - I linked my image via Photobucket (800x600 124 kb) and it is tiny in the corner of the post. How does one post an image that looks bigger in the thread if the image limit is 800x600 ?
A while later - I have figured it out now.