Perhaps a competition on creating the perfect “Box Cover Art”; seeing that NVidia is the main sponsor.

This way, all ideas are acceptable and will result in stunning works with variety.
Nvidia could even use different winners for graphics cards that cater to differing sectors of their market; e.g., to gamers, technical, scientific, fantasy, etc, etc.

And… give more prizes of lesser value, like maybe 10 winners and 10 special mentions and even consolation prizes for the top 100.

I would also buy a book featuring the top 150 works published by BallisticPublishing as I collect artbooks.



Pics are a bit problematic (maybe an idea for a challenge, eh ?) but the Geiger counter surely gives some info in the ancient towns of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. Also some areas on satellite pics of northern India and Sinai peninsula show resemblance to modern nuclear weapons test sites.


I don’t get it. Are you trying to say they had atomic weapons?


You see, there is a thing with history… What we now regard as pure imagination of the people long gone, our ancestors might have pretty much experienced. Not every ancient book is fantasy and not every legend is pure myth.
So I am open-minded when it comes to interpretation of these “legends” and “fantasies”. Why would an ancient writer put down very specifically people were using machines, not animals, machines to - fly! This was some 5 millenia back. Why would you expect someone allegedly so primitive (according to modern history classifications) to speak of weapons with destructive power as big as “thousand suns” ? And why the hell nowadays archaeologists dig out ancient cities burnt and radiated ? Can you answer this ? I sure as hell can’t, but various “legends” seem to fit each other just right.
There is also an allegedly man-made ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka. Also mentioned in Ramayana. Only recently discovered by satellite imagery. What would you make of such things ? Doesn’t it make you think ?


That could be cool. “Your wildest dreams” cg challenge. Anything dream related is cool for a challenge.

On the topic of challenges, maybe “Next Big Thing”, where you do a still from an unreleased movie that could be the next big thing, like your idea of the next StarWars or something like that? Not literally StarWars, but you know, something new and interesting. Fantasy, dreamscapes, scifi whatever.

I had an idea for incentives for entering challenges:

I wonder whether instead of prize money, the sponsorship could be funnelled into paying for a small amount of pro feedback to be provided to each competitor. Judges sit at a panel and discuss entries, a stenographer could be paid to record all the comments and administrate sending them out once the final judging is over and announced. So you’re sort of paying for feedback by investing time in doing an entry, but it is still a competition with a winner and runners up (and maybe publishing). The average amount of entries for a challenge, divided by prize money, could work out how much time is devoted to comments for each.

You know, like if a Pixar animator devoted some time to judge animations and just said “a bit floaty” or “too snappy” it might be what someone needs who isn’t far off, to get where they need to go.


Doesn’t it make you think ?

If you can point me to a cited article in a relevant journal that backs up any one of those claims, I’d be really interested :slight_smile: Anyway, we’re getting waaay off topic. Although, Pseudo Science and creative/revisionist history could make an awesome CGchallenge


If I read correctly I didn’t write I’m taking it all for granted, rather I’m aware of these things and I’m not ready to dismiss them as bogus just because I haven’t found it slapped on my monthly copy of National Geographic. :slight_smile:


Well, Im confused. Why bring it up at all then? lol

anyway, looking back through some ofthe posts, people have mentioned books, How about the concept art from the red/green/blue Mars trilogy? See if we could get some nasa/esa guest judges?


That would be because you asked the question. lol


I believe that the use of copyrighted material as reference for the rules is not a good idea; it creates an entry barrier because unless you had it beforehand you’ll have to spend some money just to get started. Books are a specially bad idea, because after spending your money on the book you’ll have to spend your time reading them, reducing your time for the real comp.

In fact, that may have been one of the problems with the last Syd Mead comp. Many people (myself included) simply browsed the internet to see what you come up with, and use that as a reference. Some others bought a couple of books/DVD’s, and got a more deep and up to date view on Mr Mead’s work. I have the impression that the people who bought recent material had a far better idea of what “in the style of Syd Mead” ment to the judges than people who didn’t.


Well, people actually think the judges didn’t have much clue as to what “in the style of” meant, or enforced their own definition of it, very distant from what artists had in mind. I don’t see Syd modeling his car in Maya anytime soon.


like a dali painting or a chagall although it may seem closely similar to NVArt04 surreal challenge, how about an Inception inspired scene- now that’s mind-bending


I was thinking about NASA/ESA , maybe a good challenge could be to create art work for any one of their projects? Space research is under funded, so providing them with graphics could be a cool way for us to help


On the other hand, military research is over-funded, what about creating appropriate graphics to decrease their funding ? :slight_smile:


i found two pictures shown in booth 1001 (Siggraph 2010)
links : http://www.core77.com/gallery/siggraph-2010/32.asp


I must have missed these on the “entries” pages. I don’t remember seeing these before.


Thanks for posting these, Expert. I was really happy to see that my image was shown at Siggraph.

And thanks to whoever snapped that shot!


Please, someone post more pictures from Siggraph!



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