Well however you put it, that thing is just impossible and for me, it doesn’t give me any idea, it just show me the lack of real ideas. I’m sorry but I don’t think a one unbalanced thing will ever be used for transportation, for real, a wheel without suspension and as tall as a building, just for one men. That thing will flip, and if yous say it wont, cause special fantastic anti gravity will be discovered soon, then where you leave the air drag, the lack of suspensions and tell me how that thing will ever be able to steer ? You can’t tell me cause it can’t. You can have arts, but transportation should be seen from an engineering point of view first than anything. Otherwise, like someone said earlier, we waste brain power for nothing. Things like that, they aren’t inspiring, for me, at least, I personally try to see the logic of things, like many others and I don’t quite see logic in such a design, in any dimension.
That’s the thing, as like someone said earlier, that is why engineers don’t take designers too seriously. A century ago, when the aircraft was invented, those people were dreamers of the time, but logical dreamers, they made something that works, the public accepted and today there are airplanes everywhere. I doubt the same thing will happen to a huge thing with one wheel, for real. When i look at that, I see frustration and when I see such thing is appreciated I feel the decay of human genuine creativity. That is not creativity, that’s just a shape, without use, in a contest about transportation. That’s a paradox there, which doesn’t give me ideas, but show me how the visions degraded and how people fail to see reality and give logic for something useless. It shows me a fundamentally wrong path.
Don’t get me wrong, I understand art and it’s value, but here, the subject was transportation, not art, like in the case of NVArt4 for example. There, you could do anything, for aesthetics.
Drawing things like #2 shows me a paradox, we draw impossible vehicles that solve nothing, when the world is heating day by day, due to current fuels use. We act just like the Romans when their empire was falling, but the citizens, instead of preventing it, they enjoyed themselves at theater, while barbarians were few miles away, killing and devastating. That’s what we have here, instead of sticking to our problems, we appreciate the opposite and credit is given for it.
I tell you, you cannot compare this, with the flat world period and I tell you, DaVinci had a lot more insight and he never imagined technically impossible things. When we look at it’s sketches we see genuine insight, while when i look at #2, I personally see failure. Failure of a value system and a wrong deviation from what design should be and how ideas should be expressed. And I guess I’m not the only one who sees that. I don’t blame the creator, everyone is free to do anything but, further I’m stunned about how something like that can get credit in a competition for transportation. That’s basically beyond us all and please speak against what I say, when someone will ever build something like that :).

As for lawrencejorgers comments, well I quite don’t understand why some of you are annoyed by his comments. He really has a point and you should fight against it by imagining yourself riding the #2 or other winning designs, like the motorcycle. Maybe that should give you some headaches :lightbulb and make you see the problem.


That’s a great post, thank you.
I completely understand your strive for engineering POV in this competition. However, this comp was primarily defined as “in the style of Syd Mead”. Results aside, shameful as they are, you have to bear one crucial thing in mind. Syd Mead. He is not known for precision designs, physics calculations and engineering mind. He is a futurist and that’s that. He paints stuff without engineering in mind or maybe with limited mechanical considerations. He is concerned about shapes and colors, not the practicality of his designs, something that he was criticized for in a few real design forums I came across. Basically the notion there is he is paid for painting nice pictures, not creating practical designs.
TS2850 is a beautiful image that depicts a flawed design. But it’s a nice image. With a flawed design… Pick your choice.


hmm, very interesting ICD, you have a very technical mind, totally appreciate your point of view. Its interesting to see you see failure, where i have an inquisitive mind and wonder how it could be accomplished.

as i said there where suggestions of ‘other worldy’ elements so rightly or wrongly I automatically accepted that there is a degree of non earth based physics.( or stuff we have not yet unlocked ) and i am completely happy to suspend disbelief…I mean those flying contraptions in Blade Runner is just nonsense really :wink: haha.

you should fight against it by imagining yourself riding the #2 or other winning designs

Ya’know i’d dearly LOVE a ride in the second design, but y’know its only because i could see it in motion in my mind. I imagined that the main fuselage with the cockpit can dip to different angles running at different speeds etc…but I pretty much see that thats just me…(probably not the intended view by the artist)

I do appreciate your point of view very much, thanks for the explanation…



A good portion of futurism is fantasy. With regard to realism, consider this, could an ancient Egyptian concieve of a modern aircraft carrier? What would an ancient human make of such a design? I see no reason for people to be hung up on engineering and sustainability. Someone far smarter than me said something along the lines of “design exists at the intersection between what is culturally thinkable and technologically possible” NVart5 was not a sustainable design competition, it was an exercise in futurist illustration. Futurism gives us the opportunity to imagine solutions in a world that does not exist, therefore why limit your imagination to today’s technology or culture?


Ancient Egyptian probably could, if you realize Ramayana (one of the oldest texts know) speaks of people entering flying machines and destroying entire cities with missiles that “bear the strength of a thousand suns”. :wink:


…people entering flying machines and destroying entire cities with missiles that “bear the strength of a thousand suns”. :wink:

Pics or it didn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, your example is a good one. fantasy novelists like the authors of various ancient story books, possibly could envision something like an aircraft carrier or the “missiles” in your description but, without the materials knowledge or engineering skill required to accomplish even the smallest part of such a vehicle, it would remain just that, a vision… much like modern futurist illustration, its about communicating an idea, not a description of how its seats will use less polyols, thereby saving the lives of 67 penguins each summer.


TMunro, if you were a penguin you’d wish that.

Nobody made an aircraft carrier in ancient times, cause it wasn’t required. There is a legend about Roman inventors who discovered the power of steam, about 2000 years ago. And when they presented their visions to the emperor he said something like this : “And what am I going to do with all the slaves and everything ?”. So he was quite narrow minded and stopped the progress for around 2000. But that was the power of steam, something that could be proven and actually change the society. If those inventors would have came with some one wheeled vehicle the size of a villa then he would told them to bead it and hang the picture on the wall as a sort of art. Cause that changes nothing, is just a painting, is not a danger for his seat and the world he knows.
Same is today, why should someone appreciate something viable when we got a lot of “art pieces” around to “appreciate”, in fact different universes on our walls, impossible so we can forget about our broken little decaying world. Let’s forget about gravity, let’s all get high and feel we fly, looking through impossible possibilities, while gravity still acts on us, wind still moves, faster and faster, rains drop beating records everywhere and Moscow is baking at 37C. Yes, lets stare at one wheel vehicle that defies common sense and dream at a bright future when we all will drive such vehicles the size of houses for just one men to travel.
All the empires fell like that, incapable to adapt, just like the dinosaurs. The current world lost its values, art is very much deformed, stretched. The future is shown as bright, when in fact, someone used a lot of brain power and electrons to create just another dead end. For which he was awarded, at least in this case. Awarded for ignoring every physic law he could find :). And silly me, that I thought ignorance is something else, not to be awarded. I thought a future way of transportation should be viable from all points of view and better than what we got today. I didn’t knew I have so many issues with physics and everything around. I guess I’ve read the wrong books and lived on another planet and I’m somehow strangely linked to your planet. My universe must have gravity and really, I am sorry about that :).


I didn’t submit my entry because I couldn’t finish it on time, but this comp was a really positive experience; it forced me far beyond my former limits. I hope next time I can finish in time and at least submit it (I’m one of those that go into it not for the prize but for the experience).

Having said that, I must say that I don’t particularly like “In style of…” competitions; maybe a good variation on the theme would be a “Not in the style of…”.

For example: “The Lord Of The Rings not in the style of Peter Jackson”. You would have to create a piece of art inspired on The Lord Of The Rings; something accurate to Tolkien’s description but that does not resemble what you see in the films.


I really like where this is going. One of my favorite “what woulds” are Frank Herbert Dune books. Although I LOVE the David Lynch version, the studio didn’t see the opportunity and gave it a dirt budget, hence the lacking in special effects.

He is very descriptive of his ideas, but so far I don’t think anyone has really captured it.
Would love to maybe do a “Technology of Dune from the mind of Herbert” challenge.


TMunro, if you were a penguin you’d wish that.

Absolutely, I’m not saying there isn’t a place for sustainability and engineering. My point is this competition was about blue sky design and navel gazing, in other words futurist illustration. Just thinking out loud here but it seems to me, if someone missed the point of a competition, it’s not really surprising they might not understand the winners.

@Mujambe; The “not in the style of” is a great idea :slight_smile:


Might be a good idea also to have a place where artist could create your own personal WIP tags, whatever the next comp. would be.
I`m sure CG Forum would not like that, since looking at the amount of people with got in this comp. and guessing the amount of posting of research materials or working progress, would exceed or heavly increase the data in the server.
But still would be nice to see the technique or methods of thinking or any development proccess for different artist.


Notice that the competition was open to all “artists” therefore the preference was geared towards the artistic value and content similar to that of Syd’s work and not for the feasibility of the design. Even if some of Syd’s work which didn’t adhere to basic principles of futurism might be open to question, Syd is still undoubtedly a visionary of great renown. And his fellow judges have also garnered equal reputation. They simply did what you and I would do within this parameter. We must take into account that majority if not all futurists are artists, whereas an artist doesn’t have to be a futurist. Most definitely budding futurists like the vocal ones we have here in the forum (c’mon guys, admit it) will clash with visual artists just as much as engineers with architects. Opposing views/ perspectives keep our industry healthy so let’s all welcome them.

Btw, I didn’t have time to submit my pieces therefore my only entry could be one of the worst piece ever entered in the competition :wip: . No excuses here, but a big congratulation to all winners and kudos to all who took part. including NVart and CGSociety.

Regarding future comps, perhaps futurists and visual artists might find common ground if the theme would be something like the worlds within The Fifth Element of Jean Giraud (Moebius) and Jean Mezieres, or the universe within Star Wars by Ralph McQuarrie. Also the story telling style of Miyazaki, Sadamoto, and Tsukioka. Darnit I’ma sucker for these.


How about a Frank Frazetta tribute challenge?


you make a very good point, but could you clarify the difference between a visual artist and a futurist, I reckon i fall into both categories :wink: (meaning the two aren’t mutually exclusive)

EDIT sorry just re read your post. got it…


I think to avoid confusion next time it should list a few artists as inspiration and go with an epic blockbuster theme or something like that. Or wild comic book world. Wild fantasy world? Probably better for a cgchallenge though…

I’d do any of the above suggestions, but perhaps with the tweak “do a piece as cool as …”. It’s quite possible someone could do a perfect linework Miyazaki but end up pipped to the post by a CG photoreal render which doesn’t look like anime at all. Perhaps either incredibly specific rules or very broad are in order?


I think as long as a super duper real CG render captured the “spirit” of a Miyazaki esq scene, that would be fine. Studio Ghibli use a lot of different tools in their animations, I think I read they used Toon Boom and Max to animate Howls Moving Castle (the castle itself I mean)


+1 on specifics… lest there’d be lynching when the results come out, heheh

Yeah perfect opportunity to pay homage to Frazetta


Just a heads up – I am keeping an eye on this thread and will make some comments when I get a chance (I am extremely busy!)

One quick note: NVArt competitions are very different from CGChallenges. I see a lot of good ideas and discussion here that is applicable to CGChallenges also.



Speaking of CGChallenges… is the next one soon?


Maybe a challenge that has to do with your interpretation on imagination or thought. Like something that has to do with the mind, dreams possibly?