Creativity is every where my friend don’t limit yourself! Learn more! Research more! All knowledge your earn will be useful; maybe not at NVArt; but almost every where else!

#NVArt5 #EpicFail


Okay, some of you seem quite upset so please don’t flame me for pointing this out:

The point of a comp like this isn’t to win, it is to strive to win and value the improvement to your own work.

It usually takes the thought of someone else judging your work against anothers (in this case against another’s style) to make you question if you’re really good enough. So this is the value. It really doesn’t matter who wins as long as you get the benefit.

If you want to be a successful designer, try to design futuristic objects like Syd does. Observe what he does right. Most successful artists throughout history have learned from observing masters in order to become like them (not imitate). The interrupted curves etc are just principles of industrial design that he does incredibly well, anyone can apply that technique to some degree.

Case in point: There are people who appear to have done this, but remain original and retain their own style, look at Mass Effect, or Daniel Simon’s work. They are at the top of their game because they pushed themselves and learned the principles. Even StarWars ships, which aren’t Syd Meadish, have elements of the same design principles in the panelling layout on their surfaces.

Cheer up guys. If you feel unhappy about the winners, probably better to just discuss at home with a friend and a beer in hand than in front of the entire world.


Who want to know if your work is featured at SISSGRAPH?

Let’s ask SIGGRAPH.ORG! They have contact form!
Most people ask, more possibility!



How about some more ideas for competitions :smiley:


You that need less beer and more work! :scream:


In the next contest I would see something related to history, the history of different countries, people, religion, philosophy. Sorry that I can not clearly express the idea, but I think in that direction now. Later it may be more specific

Can you help develop the theme


Lawrence, I understand your point of view. You have me very interested in seeing your design. Could you post a link to your work, i wish to see a very well researched vehicle…

ICD that piece you reffer to was amongst the first 20 or so pieces posted in the competition at that time. It set a real precedent as to quality and originality, it was completely “Left of Field”. It opened me up to fresh ideas. I personally had never even contemplated anything of that nature let alone hope to imagine a design in that technical realm (anti gravity, counter balancing etc). It took my imagination and ran. On top of this, Aesthetically, it really did have its roots in the style of SYD…this is where i think the piece is successful (and frankly that was all that was asked for) and i know for sure, that i wasn’t the only who picked up on this. I also believe there was enough visual clues to place this type of design in an “Other Worldy” setting…note the gigantic architectural structures suggested in the background?. Meaning it is open season as to guessing the origins of this design, so why limit it to human understanding

In someways this argument is somewhat like the belief we had only a few centuries ago that the world was flat :wink: more a comment of the opening of ones mind more than anything. just my humble opinion



No, I’m sorry! I hip off all my information… I’m not CGSosity member, don’t want to fill up their servers with my stuff… They need it more than me!
Learn and research by your self, maybe after some hard work people value better others trying to help and increase your critic sense.
As I said the innovative suspensions worth much more than 17k even don’t recognizable by this poor judgment.
I hope people at Siggraph help us to know who was featured there!
Here in Brazil we have some rights over our work, one of them is know when and where our works were exposed, featured or conveyed… Even for free.
Sincerelly, it’s a respect, consideration and education question.
We should not need laws and lawyers to have access to so simple information that its already public and notorious for who was at Siggraph.
Why we that work so hard can’t see this list? That’s a shame! An example as people that make this contest “success” is treaty.
Now I posted at winners threat! I was very light and polite (I try if not) Let’s see if with more visibility something happens!

#NVArt5 #EpicFail


Or, you could have just said it’s on coroflot.com

image link removed as requested.

text link also removed. :slight_smile:


Thats a shame you have this reaction, for sure. In anycase, I wish the best of luck to ya :D.



If you find it at coroflot, you saw that was featured… Several people comment, likley and saw it! Very different than people at CGSocity…
Some body in world has good aesthetic sense! Because I didn’t post the text that explain all the fatures did in this rendering, that is almost impossible to figure out.
Now you saw… One modular vehicle with 2 different options… Plus more 2 at lower level…
Who at winnes or mentions that did this? Two levels, several vehicles, people to scale things… Look, some background, back lightning, cool/warm colors opposed, reflexive floor! robotic arms! Wow! Oh!

Now you have 5minutes to take my rendering out your post because I didn’t authorize you use my work. Thanks.


You have my apologies, I am merely linking to your coroflot portfolio. I thought perhaps you might like the publicity.


Post reported!


Ok, like I stated in my previous comment, there is a huge amount of issues and problems our world faces today, want to see some examples and get inspired to create art of this caliber?

check out this site:



What for? I complied with your request as soon as you made it.
I have no interest in arguing with you and wish you good day and good luck with your projects.


Because I know that you would make something like leave the link.

Link your post to your own work!


Ok, I’ll remove the text link also. For future reference though, if you don’t want people to see something, perhaps don’t put it on a public portfolio site. It was never my intention to violate any of your intellectual property rights. You have my sincerely confused apologies.


Very nice, thank you very much


betito … I like your suggestion, but I think it will cause difficulty in judging, a lot of emotions, and each are different

But I have a desire to work in this direction

I support the idea, because I’m interested in what worries people


Wasn’t there a competition based on Eon a while back? I think a well known scifi Novel that hasn’t been adapted to film could be good. Something by Asimov perhaps?