Ideas for future competitions…

Something based on the stories of:

Neil Gaiman
Douglas Adams
Orsen Scott Card
Alastair Reynolds

Mike Mignola. His art or his writing.

M.C. Escher

With the exception of Escher I could imagine any of these guys possibly getting involved in the judging process.

Absent a specific artist…
Abandoned, ruined architecture. Ruins of technology and science, or infrastructure, recognizable or otherwise.


Very nice, but your words only confirm what I said, you enter to enhance your skills, not to win. So to you the winners aren’t important. To you is easy look forward…

Very different of my work that had several propositions to future of transport because I research by my self several years transportation and car design of all kinds.

I worked at Shell monitoring supply and lubrication fleet 2 and half years. What I learn there wasn’t at College or tutorials.

I finished my Design College with a national awarded car design judge by SAE-Brasil (do you know SAE?), and have other vehicle rendering published selected through competition judged by several Design Doctors, Masters and AUTOMOTIVE DESIGNER DIRECTORS AND MANAGERS of car makers like VW! By far very, very, very different than these judges…

I hope you enjoy the DVDs, because what I saw at the website preview its only worth to the 5th place… The other ones if saw…

And off course didn’t show up my best innovative designs to win only 10k that is very little to pay innovative transportation designs. And yet I guess it would not matter with these judges because none of my projects need a helicopter to enter or exit …

Anyway I’m sure my air springs suspensions showed at my entry work much better than actual systems much lighter and cheaper; worth much more than these 10k but only people that really research new practicable aways can make innovative designs could recognize other ones.

I can ensure you that really few people can do that! How many cars you see with innovative and practicable conceptions? Most of the “innovative” show and concept cars of the best car makers of the world are like some winners here, no suspensions, no safety, no accessibility, meaning nothing! What you really see is only billions invested to enhance a little century old conceptions… Nobody value innovation…

Trust me, when the subject is Future of Transport, i know what I’m saying!

But what really matters to me now is that the people who made the show here did not have their simple and easy requests met…

The all powerful president will not post the works featured at the not less powerful Siggraph!

Again for the last time with other word… If you can’t go to Siggraph saw if your work was featured there… My deference because I can’t go either to tell you.

I don’t understand whats the problem, for me is better that didn’t selected by judges…
The judges will be upset because CGSocity selected 100 works to feature at Siggraph?
Or because some winners aren’t featured? But what I can do? Buy ATi next time?

Nothing will happen…

My last yarn of hope for some respect, consideration and education is already broke.

Good luck to people that still believe in NVArt… Over and out!


Images based on Tolkiens “The Silmarillion” could be a good challange, there would be a lot of scope for 2d and 3d artists, “thousands of years” worth of characters environments and archicture to play with. Because it’s basically a collection of short stories, you wouldn’t need to read the whole thing to get ideas (although, it is worth it if you like that sort of thing) I think it could be refreshing to see artists other than Howe Nasmith & Lee take on Tolkien.
@JBrant, I like the Douglas Adams idea, might be tough getting him to judge though :wink:


Were they randomly selected by chance, or maybe the last 130 submitted, for a trade show display at a professional conference… not likely!

Please take this lighthearted, I mean no insult.

The last thing I want is to make trouble. My portfolio pieces keep getting rejected as it is…
(lol just a joke)

Someone, even if it was just some production guy somewhere making your final displays, selected the images. Im sure there were no amateur or poor renders(not to lessen anyones work, but there were obvious some of greater quality) chosen for the show display. I wouldn’t just throw some images up there and hope for the best. It might not have been the official judges, but someone picked them. Like some have suggested how difficult would it be to compress the display slide show and throw it on a thread.

It might not seem like a big deal, but to some knowing their work was displayed at a professional art conference, would be very rewarding. I’m not saying that doing the work for the sake of learning and getting practice is not important. I know I learned immeasurably from this exercise. But it would be nice to have a little icing for our efforts. If there were something like 1100 entries, the 130 selected would be quite an achievement.

Even if it was the night janitor that picked them.


Ideas for future contests might be:

1.Aliens and alien worlds, or humans on different planets or space living.
2.Maybe we can think of future buildings and a new way of living, future cities on Earth or other places.
2. Fantastic characters or scenes, inspired from stories like LOTR for example.

All judged by their logic, beauty, originality, feasibility. That would be some competition and there no matter who wins, no one will be upset about it. Also the entries will be quite original, in the style of it’s creator. I guess designers and artists want more freedom to express themselves and want judging based on logic, on that specific theme (cars that can be build, airplanes that can physically fly and so on - on mechanical things, at least). And probably some difference between 3d and 2d artworks, cause they are not the same thing. A 3d model can be used further, modeled and rendered again, a 3d scene is an entire set of models and lights etc, while a 2d one is a static digital painting.
I look forward for NVArt 6. I hope these comments were taken into consideration and designs will be better judged, not only by their artistic appearances, at least when it’s about vehicles, buildings or other technical things which should be structural correct and logic, just like in nature.


I think its about time we get our hands dirty on present human problems, we need to create awareness for all the worlds problems of today.

More than half the worlds population lives in extreme poverty, the destruction & trashing of the environment by the corporations is reaching catastrophic proportions, crime rates everywhere are raising dramatically, the monetary system and the banks are driving the world to a tragedy of unimaginable consequences.

We are now competing and fighting for food and resources, instead of sharing them, we are fighting to gain more power and control, instead of helping each other like the ONE family we could be.

We are over producing unnecessary products and over killing millions of animals and their entire habitats for the sake of profit, we are sadly breaking every ecosystem on earth.

The greed for money and power, wrongly associated with living well and succesful is setting us appart more and more from what a real society is.

If we really expect to have a “future” in a succesful and advanced humanity, we really need to start walking in that direction, and is our responsability as artists to colaborate with our best ideas to create awareness.


Ha ha. My bad.


You’re totally right here, I believe the same should be done by the artists, instead of creating crap just for profit, most of the time. We chose to create, then let’s try to imagine a world where the problems of today are solved or at least we should try, otherwise, creating futures that have nothing to do with the current real trends of the world, helps no one and make us all look like kids. Today everything is increasingly polluted, we have tons of things we don’t need and a CEO earns much more than a scientist. This is the world of today and I don’t see how we can go further without poisoning ourselves to death. Maybe we can stretch our brains for some better ideas for a habitable future.


Like these future cars? :banghead: Judged by who? :argh:
I cant wait to see houses with 1800ft, 5000ft in the air that people must coming with helicopter through a small sky window! Very sustainable! :eek:

#NVArt5 #EpicFail


Instead of focusing on what you insist on viewing as a negative experience, why don’t you make suggestions about what a new competition could be, it’s obvious you believe there are areas that could be improved. Lets look forward, it’s infinitely more interesting than bemoaning what you cannot change.


I’m sorry… I swear would not comment so positive posts… But few days after the poorly judged contest I ever saw about Future of Transport, and trust me that I saw several ones, I can’t omit myself when you talk about Future of Habitation!

You like my comments! I’m sure! Come on! You ask for!

People here is so passive… Everything is so nice, so good… The fantasy world…

I don’t think real world problems will be theme here!
Because real problems aren’t funny, aren’t easy, you must research very, very, very hard…
These kind of questions you don’t solve with ugly photoshoped backgrounds…

Sorry, real life is hard, very hard!


I really agree with this sentiment… I too would love to see cg art take on a more polemical role in design, art in general being a powerful expression of the human condition. Incidentally, I think it was encouraging to see many projects for this NV Art challenge proposing bold ideas in dealing with the challenges of future transportation, everything from mass transit and commuting to lifestyle to the environment… themes that I think that can be read into some of Syd Mead’s work as well.

In terms of making a new CG art challenge, one predicated solely on social commentary could prove to be tricky, but one possibility is to propose a charged theme and keep it pretty open… one that immediately comes to mind is having to do with Utopia… which along with its counterpoint dystopia is of course native to sci-fi and fantasy art.

Someone had mentioned Hiyao Miyazaki, and I think that’s one great possibility. But instead of it being purely stylistically based, it could be equally weighted to thematic content… such as the recurring dialectic of technology vs nature in his work. In general, I think it’s far more meaningful to set criteria for these ‘style’ competitions on content as well as art emulation… perhaps ‘Inspired by…’ might be a more apt description.


Btw are there any images about the exhibitted pictures from Siggraph or list of it? I am interedted in it too :slight_smile:


You’re right about it and I’m curious if someone give 2 pennies about it and future contests will have more logic.

Is easy to let things how they are and comply and it takes much more energy to change or straighten some things. Some here, chose to complain, to attract attention on some issues in this case, as they probably feel they put a lot of thought into this contest. They probably liked to work on it, they learned stuff, to be stunned by the winners who came up with impossible technical designs. Take for example the second place, look at it and tell me how you will ever ride that and who will ever build something like that ? Yes, your response is logical, unlike the design and your response is most probably that nobody will build or travel in something like that.
Now think of the name of this competition “Future Transport” int he style of Syd Mead. Do you see transportation like that ? With impossible one wheeled vehicles, the size of jet planes, for one man ?! Well, I don’t since is not viable economically and defies logic. About in the style of Syd Mead, well I can say that Syd Mead rarely did something technically impossible, as fantastic as it might look.
So, what I say, if people see a problem, is normal to act against it, at any level, otherwise, tomorrow a guy will come to us and design cars with a wheel, the size of jet planes and tell us to buy a helicopter to reach the steering wheel, or some sort of crane. And we don’t want to end up there, do we ? :slight_smile:
I believe is right to have comments, I start to worry when they are missing… Think about it.


The all powerful president says that will not post my friend. Forget it… People that really made this contest and work hard 3 months don’t means anything. :sad:

Probably because the 100 selected to feature at Siggraph wasn’t did by the honorable judges and are much better than the winners. Thats the unique reason to don’t post the list… I suggest include them because nobody will count… But I think he didn’t like my idea… :scream:

You can’t go see by yourself??? My sympathy because I can’t go either to tell you! :blush:

The show goes on! Everybody that “deserved” get their money, their prizes… :surprised


to lawrencejorgers

You are not the creator, you merchant



Yes! But who create anything? Quantum physicists are trying to discover more about that around the world.

But you need to create anything to make vehicles better, more comfortable, safe and cheaper?

No, you can design it better with innovative systems. If somebody ask for my help I can do it! And it will cost much more than 17k. You don’t like? Sorry!

Research and do it your own!

I hope you don’t design a vehicle with 5 tons to transport one person that must ride at pool table because can’t pass over a little bump… Placed at a wild terrain… And use lot’s of metal. The most advanced vehicles use compound materials because the engineers are crazy people! Who want lighter and strong materials to maximum performance! Don’t give attention to them…

Or a vehicle that is almost impossible to balance and will fall at the lightest wind and need a helicopter to get in… A special kind of helicopter because that ones that we have now will overthrow the machine…

Or a vehicle that didn’t have suspensions with out any aerodynamic bodywork, horrible, bulk, heavy and put it at a racetrack… Aerodynamic body work at racetrack? Who is the crazy people that propese that! Announced tragedy… Don’t ask me how that “vehicle” steer… Don’t forget the horrible photoshoped background!

Enought? Want more free consulting?

Because we deserve a better future of transport! Only I saw it? Several all powerful judges and nobody think about the future that was the main title of the contest? Very nice!!!

Good luck! I did my best to help you!

#NVArt5 #EpicFail


Here mostly artists, not engineers. We did not plant. Where is your picture? I want to look at the engineering idea and make sure that I am wrong

Syd Mead a free thinker and an artist, his work goes further than engineering mind. That’s what I understood by style Syd Mead


I’m not engineer neither… But I can realize that a vehicle thin with large area will fall at light wind without know quantum theory! You can’t? Sorry!

Find it if you can! Look forward! :twisted:


Creativity is not mathematics and physics. Good luck :slight_smile: