Dear friend, what you have at the winners that will be useful in future?
Yeah, very, very, very little! Almost nothing! Maybe the #5 with better aerodynamic and useful anti-gravity engines based in room temperature superconductor materials that are been researched right now! But It still need a powerfull and compact energy source, today to make a frog levitate with magnetic field, yes with power enough anything is magnetic, you need the same amount of power as a small/mid sized city. Imagine to levitate an car…
It’s the best one there for me. My personal congratulations to him!

But who are taking science into consideration? Future, cience, innovation… Muggle who took that into consideration. Yeah, didn’t work at this competition! And some judges had some science background at bio… I thought (wrong off course) that innovative aspects that could be really useful in future and as consequence at this contest.

It’s because these works that engineers don’t get designers seriously! And they are right!
People here don’t get the future of transport in mind when did their entries or judge…
It’s because these works that I go to cinema to see movies with horrible designed/engineered vehicles at very successful blockbusters… At last at Hollywood they have wonderful characters, action, lightning, texturing and backgrounds…

Very, very, very upset! And NVidia didn’t have an contact channel with general people… I can’t tell them it. I know as a great corporation they will never say to me, ok gay, you are right… But at last I could tell them my deception.

After so many time waiting the results. I already saw some contest with terrible judgement, but though that this time would different. Sad.


Do you want nvidia to say you are a right gay ? :applause:
Gay are those guys who like other guys. You got the term twisted there, by a letter, I got it ;).
I agree with what you say, and I don’t thinks is whining at all. Maybe you can do better in another contest, what can I say. I’m not Syd Mead or the Myth Busters :).


Yes, express my self freely! Do you know what is democracy? And who are you to tell me what or for who say anything?
If you participated in and think your work is worse than the winners, my feelings!
NVidia sponsored one of the most poorly judged competitions that I’ve ever seen.
I attended, I sent my work, I have every right to complain!
If you don’t like, don’t read it!


Do you really think they will post the top100 with more than 50 works better than the winners? Although these were chosen as winners, I do not know if I want to see #100!
I hope don’t be at top100, because my work is diametrically different than these ones!
I love back lightning, cold/warm, unusual light sources, machinery and innovation based in science!
I doubt! No one answer these latter posts and will not do anything else!
Here in Brazil we have one Proverb that says in my (bad) translation to english:
The amendment came out worse than the sonnet!

The history and statistics is always right, japanese carmakers humiliate americans ones not so long ago…
Germans always did better ones but still pricey to reach millions and now koreans are coming… Later chinese will overtake everybody!


I agree with you guys.all you guys where saying is true.But its the winners luck,and its the destiny which all should accept.i had made three entries,but i dont accept anything simply i am contributing something with you great guys with great thoughts.I am sad at one thing that some contestents(i am not specifying the name)who spend their time and talent almost minimum 3 months,and many members like that images and i too becoze they where almost in SYD style.but the result…
any way iam giving those guys a BIG HUG from my heart…
Is the future transportation means only land transportation which is almost at future now i think.
many contestants i think made their great 3d works with accurate shading and colours…after that they spend more than they did before to make it in SYD style…
if it is told that 3d renders are not a problem,i think there should be more great images than now…
Any way i thought or i hope or WE hope next contest will be more understandable to people…
congratZ to all winners…
Also we expect that 130 images…
Thanks and sorry if i made anyone pressured…


Congratulations to all the winners. It was great to participate in the challenge. I think all of the winners deserve it. If I was a judge, would I have picked the same winners? No, I had my favorites. Does that make those who won any less deserving? No. I wish people would stop complaining about the results. It’s art, and art is very subjective.

So once again, congrats to the winners. I look forward to the next one.


+1 fo sure



I agree with you


We are looking forward to future competitions …

The emphasis of NVArt is the ART and pushing artists to stretch themselves.

So – with the recent experience of entering an NVArt competition what sorts of things you think may be good - topics, themes, inspirational styles/artists…?


As i said… Nothing.
My sympathy to people that can’t go to Siggraph, so, cannot see the top100 as deserve.
#NVArt5 #EpicFail


In the absence of any explanation to what was raised over the past 2-3 pages, I rest my case.
Good luck to everyone trying to guess what the judges are looking for in the next “in the style of” competition.


Why look back? its far better to learn and move on than mull on the past. The way I see it,
I lost NVart5, fair and square, and I had a bloody good time doing it.

So – with the recent experience of entering an NVArt competition what sorts of things you think may be good - topics, themes, inspirational styles/artists…?

A Hayao Miyazaki competition could be pretty awesome. I realise his most famous works are collaborative efforts but, his name is synonymous with a certain look (Maybe “Ghibli” style would be a better name for it?)

themes maybe sci/fi set design, monsters of classical myth, legendary/historical warriors?
just thinking (positively) out loud


I swear I did not want to comment anything else…
But this kind of comment must came from a person that if submit anything didn’t research, didn’t design a real propose to transport in future, didn’t work at lightning, don’t work at character, didn’t like or value its own work.
Do you submit a work done with lot’s of effort at a competition to loose?
Organizers put the contest just to encourage people to do work better? Have not gained anything?
Do you submit a work observing the rules like YOU MUST DO YOU OWN STUFF to see one awarded rendering with photoshoped photograph covering almost all background?
Like somebody some comments ago that make almost the same work every competition with poor quality. He is looking forward but will do the same kind of horrible render next time, again. Is at this way that you want to look forward? Doing every time the same poor quality stuff?
Where is the respect with people that really do this competition? Why nobody post the so talked top100, top130 after so many people asking for? What’s the problem? Some megabytes or traffic more? Some minutes more listing the stuff in a single post with links? People that really do the contest could work three months… Or there are other problem that people can’t see?
If you can’t go to Siggraph, sorry… Imagine your self who are the top100!
Put at your portfolio… I guess my work was at Siggraph 2010!!! Unbelievable!
After all this… Let’s look forward… Very easy to say when you didn’t work hard or are at other side of competition.
Just for the record, I do not want to see that top100 because is enough disappointment and sad see some poor work judged winner by these judges, I just summarize the request of several people on previous pages.
Lack of respect, lack of consideration, lack of education with who actually makes the contest!
Do you like this? Be my guest and go on to NVArt6! Good luck! (you will need!)


The images on show at SIGGRAPH were not selected by the judges or the top 100 – they were simply 100 selected from all the entries.


Very nice! Make this observation and post because people that worked hard deserve to know if their work was or not at Siggraph 2010.

May be means nothing to you, but means a lot to people that work hard three months like me!
Mean much more knowing these top100 was not selected by these judges. Now I want to know if my work was at so famous Siggraph!

Or there are some trouble? If some winner was not at this top100, include it… Nobody will count…


Really, we want to see the top 100 entries :slight_smile:


There is no top 100 – I have no idea where this idea arose. The judging is private process and no public discussion was or will be entered into. However I can say that the images chosen for SIGGRAPH were not part of the judging process and no judge was involved with their selection.


I swear I did not want to comment anything else…
But this kind of comment must came from a person that if submit anything didn’t research, didn’t design a real propose to transport in future, didn’t work at lightning, don’t work at character, didn’t like or value its own work.

Actually, for research I bought a master grade Turn A Gundam model for physical reference of the types of shapes Syd Mead uses. I found his use of interrupted arcs and angles quite satisfying and I learned a lot from studying his work. I also watched the first two of his gnomon workshop DVD’s. In real life, I’m a prop maker, not a digital artist and yes, I entered this competition knowing I would loose. I simply don’t have the experience yet to be competitive in this environment. This does not bother me in the slightest. This competition, for me, was an excuse to try to work on, improve and push the few digital art skills I have, with the added bonus of a style guide and dead line. This alone was prize enough for me, and I’m thankful for the experience.

anyway… here’s hoping for a Miyazaki competition :smiley:

Thanks again to NVidia and CGSociety for an awesome competition, looking forward to NVart6


The idea arose right here:


The idea arose right here:

Originally Posted by MikeHepburn
[i]Yep, there are 6 honorable mentions, and a special commendation from Syd.

BTW, I had the most awesome experience last night. I was lucky enough  to  have dinner with 3 of the judges... Lorne Lanning (of Oddworld  fame),  Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) and the generous genius that  is Syd  Mead, at his house in Pasadena. And they were so incredibly  impressed by  the artwork![u] Most of the evening's discussion was a fun  debate about  the top 100![/u] Yes, these guys were so passionate about your  work! 

If anybody is going to be at SIGGRAPH in LA from tuesday to thursday,   drop into booth #1101 and say hi. [u]There are 2 big screens with the top   130 images[/u].Please say hi to me: bespectacled, tattooed guy.

Cheers, Mike[/i]

I m not complainning but we want to see more about NVART5…