The world is flat, as is the entire universe. :smiley:


Now that explains why I never returned from my trip around the world…


You know, the world is…just different :wink:


Drum roll, please… :wip: :wip: :wip: :wip:


Congratulations to the winners!
Hello people! Every body goes to Siggraph and forgot us?
The are 6 honorable mentions and that special commendation from Syd were e-mailed to?
Didn’t win, but still hope get one of the mentions…


… to be found here

Just got say again thanks!!! and reiterate just how impressed the judges were! Let’s have another competition soon!


Mike, awesome comp and i agree, can’t wait till the next one…though i am STUNNED at the winners, im also stunned at who got left out, there was one particular one i was sure was a run in. but never the less, all who placed are deserved ;). way to go


Wow, I don’t envy the judges. Having to choose so few out of so many amazing images must have been hard work. I’m surprised a couple weren’t included but, like light soverign says, the winners absolutly deserve their spots. Congratulations to everyone.
Btw, do we get to find out which 100 were shown at siggraph?


Congratulations to all competitors and specially the winners.
Do we get to find out which 130 were shown at siggraph?


Congratulations !
Besides hard work, you need some luck to win a contest like this, where there are so many good works. Nice competition and well, will be nice to know those 130 entries shown at Siggraph.
I’m looking for the next.


Congratulations to all winners! Some I already expected to win, and others were a glad surprise!
I`d like to ask a favor for those who are or will be at siggraph, please take some pictures of the pannel with all the 130 top images, as everyone really wants to see that! Thanks!


videocamera + youtube + link…

People are waiting and hope :buttrock:


And if people wait, people must get :buttrock:
…or at least that’s what they say :arteest:


So, I passed over this time. The only thing that can console myself is to see Top 100 ( or 130) and next NVArt competition. Congrats to winners.


Would someone please point me to Syd Mead’s own 3D renders, if there are any ?


:slight_smile: Syd Mead does not use a computer – he paints everything by hand… and does a remarkable job of “rendering 3D” by skill alone!


Thank you Mark, but surely he must have done some stuff in 3D because this competition has the “in the style of Syd Mead” motto and there’s a significant amount of 3D renders among the winning pieces. So 3D render must be amongst his many styles. Or is my logic flawed or something ? :slight_smile: Or maybe the overall “Syd-ness” didn’t play as big a role as the design of the hero vehicle ? I’m honestly confused now, sorry. :frowning:


You aren’t alone! Keep pushing!


Agree, maybe it shouldn’t titeled “in style” because as we see it was a wrong way.


The intention of the competition, as I understood it, was to create images that when finished were in the style of Syd Mead; that our images should invoke a similar feeling to Syd Mead’s work through color palette, value, composition and subject matter, not to replicate his techniques from sketch to gouache on art-board. CGTalk is a community of 2D and 3D artists and to limit the techniques that can be brought to bear on a competition would mean excluding half of the community.
On an almost unrelated note I think that the recent themes (Surreal and now Accelerate) have been a great opportunity to learn from traditional, contemporary artists and try and make connections between our techniques and theirs. I’m looking forward to future competitions.