Cool, can’t wait to see who won!


Good to hear! It´s an awesome competion, so much fun to participate in!

God bless the winner, hope this gives theirs careers a good push forward!



Awesome competition indeed. I really had fun and I really was amazed by the competitors. So many great talents!!! Congrats to the winners!


Major Congratulations to the winners!! :smiley:
I was glad I worked up the gumption to participate. Even though I have a far way to go in improving, I really feel this comp helped push me to being better already, and with that, I look forward to the next Competition :slight_smile:

Also a HUGE thanks to Mr. Syd Mead…I am honored just to know his eyes even scanned over my work :slight_smile:



Fantastic, and big congratulations to the winners and on sifting through 1300+ entries in a short space of time. Thats a welcome turn around ;). I always enjoy the Nvidia contests, always inspiring…I hope they have honourable mentions, that used to be included in an other competition on this site but got dropped for some reason. (or did they :? )
In anycase, Big thanks to Mr Mead for allowing this type of competition to take place ;).

Take care



I second that.

Glad Syd was involved, and looking forward to seeing who won.


Yep, there are 6 honorable mentions, and a special commendation from Syd.

BTW, I had the most awesome experience last night. I was lucky enough to have dinner with 3 of the judges… Lorne Lanning (of Oddworld fame), Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) and the generous genius that is Syd Mead, at his house in Pasadena. And they were so incredibly impressed by the artwork! Most of the evening’s discussion was a fun debate about the top 100! Yes, these guys were so passionate about your work!

If anybody is going to be at SIGGRAPH in LA from tuesday to thursday, drop into booth #1101 and say hi. There are 2 big screens with the top 130 images.Please say hi to me: bespectacled, tattooed guy.

Cheers, Mike


Wow Mike! That must have been quite a surreal evening?..

Can’t wait to hear who the winners are and the honourable mentions, been a great comp and has inspired me to participate in more.

Good luck to everyone.


so tomorrow is going to be the last date right?:curious:


Yes – Tuesday 28th is the announcement day :slight_smile:

This competition has generated more interest than any of the others. The number and quality of entries is outstanding – congratulations to everyone who participated!

No promises - but we would like to do more with this competition after SIGGRAPH. Something to raise the profile and show of the entries in a new way… so stay tuned after SIGGRAPH :wink:




Tuesday OR the 28th?


LOL – my bad. Wed 28th.


Thanks to the organizers of the contest! This is my first experience in 3D and the first competition. Through the contest, I received great experience in 3D. And I am very glad that participated in the contest!

Congratulations to the winners!

Greetings from Siberia :wavey:


If I have no opportunity to get to Siggraph, so can you please post “Top 100” list (links or smth like that). I think it would be interesting not only for me.

That was really great Comp.


It really would be very interesting! Maybe not by order, as I think it should be really dificult to do, but only mentioning the best images, so we have more material to study, see and enjoy!


Yes, please list the top 100. I’ve got my favorites and would love to see how they do.
Thanks for a great competiton and the chance for Mr Mead to see our work!


i would like to see that list too


Well isn’t the 28th like ending down there in Oz ? :slight_smile:


However, they are currently in Los Angeles attending Siggraph, which is 20 hours behind australia. :slight_smile:


I told them in the very beginning that a flat world would be easier to manage, as far as timezones are concerned.