hello everybody:)

I have a question, … if the competition is finish, it is authorize a put my illustration in my blog or my internet website?
I need using for wanted a job …

ps; sorry for my verry bad english :cry:


yes, Your image is now free to use anywhere you want!


Hello people, when the winners will be announced?
I’m very curious to know who win!


Hi all,

I’m busy whipping the judges to get their votes in, but as you can imagine whittling down 1300+ images to the top 5 is a gargantuan task! Especially with the incredible quality that was submitted.

All of the judges are gob-smacked by the awesomeness of the images, and Syd Mead said…

"I am very impressed by the enthusiasm of the response, humbled by the positive comments about being inspired by my past works, and impressed with the range of creativity, modeling and rendering expertise. These guys are an immense reservoir of talent and imagination.[i]"

[/i]So please be patient. I’m aiming to inform the winners around the 21st of July, and the world will know on the 28th of July.


Ok, I asked because this information wasn’t on the website!
If Mr.SydMead is well impressed I’m already little bit proud!


Fantastic, thank you mike. High praise from the main man ;).



For heavens sake no, don’t whip them. This is the year 2010, people ain’t whipped, they are tasered.


wow 1300+ entries, that’s amazing! The closer it gets to the 21st the more stressed I’ll become! lol.


Also I was wondering. When these are being judge, do the judges also see our description and comments, or just the large image by itself?


Don’t be that stressed, the vast majority won’t win so… there is some luck involved.
Also, I wonder if they take our comments into consideration and if they take feasibility into consideration also. Or any thing, possible or technically impossible has the same chance ?
What weights more in the decision, I’m wondering…


Since I will not be in town and on the Internet tomorrow and after tomorrow, please pass on Sunday my best wishes and many interesting projects for Sydney Jay. He is a true example of great intellect and a very big talent :thumbsup:



I have been surprised that on so visited resource as CGSociety to my work have not been added any comment… I think the reason in the low resolution of the image, is invisible details. Therefore I have added HiRes fragments(!) of my work.

I hope that administration and judges read this forum (though do not answer), and will consider this addition.

I already asked at a forum about it, but and have not received the answer. As I understand, I do not break competition rules. If I am not right that I ask to inform me on it that I have removed the image.

Sorry for my bad English!


I know that alot of us really would appreciate if you would say when the winners has been contacted, just so we all know :slight_smile: You don´t have to say who won, just let us know when they have been contacted (it´s hard to wait for an answer…).
Please :D!


Hi all,

The judges are still vigorously debating the top 5. As soon as I get a consensus we will send the announcement to the winners, and then I’ll post in the forum that winners have been announced.

I’m hoping (praying) to get an answer today!

Thanks for your patience.

Cheers, Mike


I´m praying too :smiley:


AAAHHHHHH! I gotta calm down I’m stressing myself at work lol…


We are very close to selecting the winners - but not quite there yet.

All the Judges are very busy people and it takes a while for them to get time to give the entries the attention they deserve… but we are almost finished.

We will post a feature article and there will be a press release to announce the winners to the public. This is scheduled to happen before SIGGRAPH (starts next Tuesday).


Yeah!!! :bowdown: Thanks


Hi all,

After much deliberation and lively debate the judges’ votes have been tallied and the winners chosen. We are in the process of contacting them now. The World will know on the 28th.

Thank you all so much for whipping up a tempest of awesome work!

Cheers, Mike


Congratulations to the winners! there really was some amazing work. I had a great time competing, and I’m looking forward to the next comp. Awesome work everyone! I cant wait to see who placed