Thanks yakonusuke and curaremac. I had bit of a look round before posting this question but couldn’t find any answers. Obviously doing my man-looking that my wife always tells me off for…:slight_smile:


Could someone get rid of MGELA’s spam posts - it looks like he’s spammed a dozen or more threads, two of mine included. I’ve asked him to remove them but I doubt much will come of that.


Could someone please activate my account, i sent the required posts on Wednesday and it is now Sunday, it is supposed to take 24-48 hours after the posts to activate, yet still nothing.


The works that are participating are incredible.


At me a question! I would like to add to the competitive work some images with schemes explaining the device of my vehicle. How it can be made now?

Excuse for my English :slight_smile:


i know it takes time but when are the results of the challenge comming out? =p im so exited!


take a look at my last message at page 17 of this thread :slight_smile:



the work on the competition was a big experience for me. The style of Syd Mead is simply high-class.
I have found out many new things for my later works and it has given a lot of pleasure to me to follow the process of the development of the other projects.

I wish all participants a lot of luck. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Hi everybody,
I was wondering who people think the top contenders are? I know I have about fifty images that are my favorites from the way I read the goals and a couple that I think are the winners.
What do you think?

I would also like to see who makes the final rounds and hope that honorable mentions are awarded like in a few of the past competitions.

I can’t wait to see how this goes!



Pity we can’t gamble on who will place! It’s fair to say that this is the only competition I’ve ever entered where I’ve known beyond a shadow of a doubt that I won’t place. There is no hope! :slight_smile: Some of those pieces are almost as good as Syd’s.

Next time I just hope it’s a dragon or creature theme, then at least I have a chance… :wink:


Barronimpossible, Your work is amazing! I just looked at your portfolio and your first entry is on my favorites list. If you think you don’t have a chance, I might as well scrap my MAC and take up basket weaving. Nobody has commented on my project, so I don’t know if it’s good, bad or indifferent, but this has been a great experience.



well there’s a saying " SOMETIMES YOU WIN, SOMETIMES YOU LOOSE" so lets not keep our hopes up coz there is always someone better out there. It’s just your in a wrong competition.


buster1951 - thanks, really happy you like it! It’s not a bad piece but it just doesn’t compare with some of the others IMO, in terms of design or Syd-ness. Whoever places in this competition surely deserves their prizes!

As an aside, I’ve just received delivery of four Syd Mead Gnomon Workshop tutorial DVDs which I’ve started watching. I wish I’d had these before the competition started, they give many insights into his process and thinking.


Hello there. I was just wondering how the winners will be contacted in the coming weeks after the judging process is completed. Thanks!


Yes, I have his set of videos too. I have watched them a couple of times and they are excellent. I love watching him sketch and paint and all the steps he goes through. I also enjoy his narration and would recommend them for anybody. I painted traditionally for 30 years and have taken up digital painting about five years ago. I try to paint digitally the same way as I did with gouache on board…

What do you think? Any comments and crits would be appreciated.



Hey BaronImpossible I don’t know man you have a very solid piece as a whole. The thing with Syd’s style is that it really varies! Especially over time. I think it’s not gonna come down to a piece were someone says “that looks like a Syd Mead” but for Syd to say “I would do that”. There’s just too many factors. some pieces look like Syd’s style but may not be very creative, and the other way around! It’s way too hard for me to say what I think the winners line-up will be!! I think the judging process is going to be a while…

Oh yeah and congratulations on the Expose 8 award, Big Blue is one of my favorites of your work!


totally agree with you anthony … i’ve been checking out a lot of this works and many of them have varying styles … which is why it was really difficult to narrow down on one particular style … some of them have bold colors … some have soft soothing tones … very dicey indeed …

my best wishes to all!


buster1951 - I finished watching all of Syd’s DVDs, amazing. He’s excellent at narration, too, and seems to have a prodigious knowledge of the history of architecture and costume. Checked out your gallery, it’s very impressive. I wouldn’t know where to start with gouache (or pretty much any natural medium come to that, I only started art a few years back and went straight into digital) so it’s even more impressive to see such precision and photorealistic rendering. My favourite is Detroit Racing.

amscime - I think you’re right, he’s produced so much varied work over such a long period of time you can’t say his stuff looks a certain way. In terms of the comp, I’d be quite surprised if yours didn’t place, because it introduces originality whilst still remaining true to the spirit of the competition. You could imagine Syd looking at it for a long time. If I were a betting man I’d say dannydraws and yakonusuke will be there with you. And thanks, about Expose :slight_smile:


Thanks BaronImpossible I appreciate the compliments man! If I place I’ll be really excited for sure!


Thanks man, Hard to believe you haven’t been painting for years. Even more impressive!