Hi Mike,

May I make a suggestion for future CG Challenges to avoid all the questions and confusion about the deadline, maybe it would be a good idea to add a countdown timer to the submission page for all those that have a hard time with time zones? Just a thought! Anyway, keep up the good work!


Good idea, Genius :arteest:.


Second the motion! :thumbsup:


I seem to have double posted the same entry…how can I delete the duplicate entry?


I might as well ask…Is there any possibility of an extension/grace period? (2-3 days?) particularly for 3D artists? I know it was a long competition period, but I also know that even if the answer is no I’m still in the same position that I’m in now anyway.


So, are we free to post our entries elsewhere now, or do we need to wait until judging is over?


I also have unfinished designs. An extension will be fantastic.
It was a lot of time, but being a contest, people work between other projects so it happens that sometimes you got no time to do or finish those details you want. And you have to live with it, happily ever after :banghead: .


I would also want to know this, thx


Originally Posted by BeamUs
Just to clarify, is the deadline the midnight that the 30th starts or the midnight that ends the 30th?

Hi BeamUs,

It will be the midnight that ends on June 30th."

After reading all the posts and still seeing new entries being submitted, there still seams to be some confusion about this. I submitted my entry about 7:30 PM EST (East Coast, US) June 30. My entry has “submitted June 30” on the bottom. Does that mean we are OK? Sorry I’m not understanding this.


My entry shows 1st July on the bottom, but I submitted it at 11:45pm June 30 according to this link, which was my countdown timer.


I’m in Australia so I needed to use the timer :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


Hei Syndicate, I was using this one
And seems have 1 day difference on website your mentioned.


Hi all,

It doesn’t matter if the datestamp on your entry shows anything beyond June 30th, because of this whacky, crazy big world of ours, and it’s mad time zones, if it was submitted before the close of business (ie, you can see it in submitted forum), it is part of the competition! And I must say… WOW! There is a lot of awesome art!!!

As for a timer: grand idea, I will try to make it happen in future.

Thank you so much, you wonderfully talented people!!!



I was going to post a congratulations to everyone who entered. The quality of works that have flooded in these past couple of days have blown me out of the water.

FABTASTIC everyone



Entries that been submited blowing away, and their level high as the skies.
And I have a lot fun while making i was in and it wasn’t that interesting without such inspiration.

Good Luck to everyone.


Yep, some fantastic entries for this comp!!! Does anybody know when winners might be announced?


chris: 3 to 4 weeks… as mentiones a couple of times before. :smiley:

I gotta agree LightSovereign. So much great art here. Good luck to you all. :slight_smile:


As for the announcement, heres the official words :slight_smile: :


Any plans for honorable mentions?

Will we know if we made it through the first or second round of judging or is it just 1st-5th here is some money, everyone else good job :D!

Also, I am under the impression that we can post this work elsewhere for “self promotion” but can we have links placed directly on our posts to the high res version of our submissions? Just wanted to make sure before i did anything


So we can post our work elsewhere before the winner will be announced? Or just links to CGsociety website?


I am still trying to get my account activated, it’s been a few days can anyone help?