I upload my work, but couldn’t find in the entry gallery. didn’ get error message.
I try to upload twice (morning and about 12)


HI when the winners will be anounced? waht date will be?:rolleyes:


I was just wondering if the last time to submit the painting is by the end of the day March 2nd or was it March 1st?

A comment is well appreciated :slight_smile:



I just uploaded my image for the surreal contest but I didn’t see any confirmation after it got it uploaded and I still haven`t seen my image displayed on the galley,
how can i be sure you got my illustration ?
Thank you
Vinicius costa :.


I uploades my image but I didng het any sign of confirmation that you got the image, and I still havent seen my image on the gallery of the surreal contest,
how can i get a confirmation that my image is there?
vinicius costa.


olly–Back track a few posts or so.


is funny many concursant uses yerka ideas that he already invented almost noone has something original , butr lets see how it goes with the judges , its tuff desition , but all i know that everybody work hard so good luck to everyone:applause:

and…again when will be the winners anounced?:rolleyes:
upps i forgot sorry for my english:p


I am not in time visualisation. I can load a picture of the smaller dimension, and in some hours the normal?


You have about 2 hours left to get your piece in.


I a trying to upload my illustratio but it is not working,
is there any problem on the server now ?


Let me explain better,
I uploaded my illustration but I didnt get any confirmation that It actually was sent, I wonder if you have received or not,
I have tried to re send it many times but every time I click on the submit your entry button, It loads the same page again but with all the forms blank,
How I am supposed to upload my image , can anyone help me pleassse???
Thank you !!
vinicius costa


Hi, I have an question about the submiting entries, I saw in the rules that you are only allowed to Submit your art 1 time, Only 1 Entry is allowed,

Is this also meaning that u cant repost your art with other contrast/saturation/gamma value changes etc,? or is it for one complete new art?.. if so there are a lot of arts that have ignored the rules… Im a right ?

Thanks for answering!
GL all!


If your image has not appeared on the View All Entries page then it has not made it through. Please make sure that your image has the right dimensions. It needs to be a 2560 x 1600 jpeg.


Technically you should only submit your piece once. However if you needed to adjust something then just sent it up again as a new entry. So far as I know it says nothing about submitting it again in the rules.


hi, I just uploaded my image and its working now !! uhu
but now I have 2 images, i wonder if you could take one out since the correct one is displayed in vertical ,
Thank you !!!


I tried to submit at least 6 times, and it doesnt seem to uplaod! i went to school to try here and now the submit button is gone! please dont tell me i missed the deadline, my image is 2560 x 1600

please let me know what i can do


I’m sorry but your piece hasn’t made it in. The deadline has passed which is why the Submit button is now gone. I don’t know why your piece wasn’t submitting but I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about it now, entries have closed.

Sorry…better luck next time!


I have tried several times too to get my piece to upload, there is still an upload button, surely you can extend a 30 minute grace period as there are obviously problems - I have just pulled a full weekend trying to get this finished and did so with enough time left to upload - come on guys!!


In fact I have just noticed that viniciusvancouver was having exactly the same problem with a reloaded blank form!! Whats going on, do we get a grace period?


viniciusvancouver got his working. The most common reason for the upload not working is incorrect image dimensions. It had to be 2560x1600 exactly.

The deadline is firm and final. It states as much in the rules. Barring major technical issues, which we are not having, I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do.