I can upload a picture throughout all Monday?


I can load a picture throughout all Monday?


Hi !
I want to join competition, but I can’t start “new thread” and upload my work.

"kwk, you do not have permission to access this page" 
       You [b]may not[/b] post new threads
         You [b]may [/b] post replies                                                its' cool!!
        You [b]may not[/b] post attachments
         You [b]may [/b] edit your posts

What can I do??  Sorry I have not read this thread thoroughly because of insufficient knowledge of the English language:(((


I can upload a picture within Monday?


Once again, the deadline is 11.59 on March the 2nd. That means you have all of the second to get your submissions in. Remember though that the deadline is in GMT time, so you will have to check what it equates to in your area.


Woww…This thread is on fire!!!:eek:
Jadges will have defecalt times after…many great works posted at one day.:arteest:
Imagine tomorrow…!!!:bounce:


Dear Khendar,

Thank you for staying on top of the many posts regarding the deadline. I, too, was very confused by “prior to 2 March 2009” --which to me means midnight of the 1st. I suppose that this is always subject to the nuances of language as used in a particular country or region.

May I suggest that the CG Society include a countdown clock -GMT- for the final 24 hours for future competitions?

Kindest regards,



Ok, please, make it somebody definitely clear. How many hours is to the end of the challange?



When that clock reads 11:59 p.m. Monday, March 2nd

––it’s over (no matter what time it is at your house).


“Entries should remain unpublished outside of CGSociety prior to the close of the challenge.”

Is it ok to submit the image to Ballistic Publishing Expose 7? ( the deadline for it is 2nd March )


Yes thats fine because Expose 7 wont be out for several months.


Would have been nice to have the submission time spelt out as having been midnight GMT instead of just prior to March2nd, I just spent a month working on an image and tried to upload it at 10.30pm in CA PST. I guess I’m SOL…

In the future could cgsociety please clearly state in the rules that it’s <submission date> GMT it doesnt mention anything about it in the rule sheet.

I guess I’ll just post my image in the forum and chalk it up to experience.


You still have 16 hours left.


When this says 11.59pm on Monday the 2nd, THEN you’re SOL. I’ve been through this many times already in this thread.


I thought it was prior to March 2nd?..now I’m really confused…


You wouldn’t be if you read the thread.


I glanced at the forum but relied on the rules for clarity. I can’t seem to upload this image however, turned off firewall, made sure firefox has incoming and outgoing access but the image wont go through…I’m not seeing it on the submissions page.


Do you have exactly the right dimensions ? The image needs to be 2560x1600 exactly.


Yeah this seems to be the problem, I made a 2560 tall by 1600 wide image…I’m reformatting in photoshop and will try again…thanks for the help


How can I change my entry?


Submit it as a new entry.