thanks quadart for the help
is anyone here can help me to improve my render time in maya?


(I found the answer to my question elsewhere)


I have a question regarding the deadline: when is the deadline on March 2nd? What hour is it? And in which timezone?


IM really have to say that for me no one alomst no one of the concursants doesent get waht trhey have to do with his final image.

The contest is not for copying ideas of yerka and do someideas that yerka already do , and second , the people when thay are doing their work try to bee yarka and paint as if they where doing another piece of art , like if they are yerka , i think meny people do that error ,
The mening of contest is to create a surrealist take , the thing isto create , a new piece without copying, and makesomething not like another piece of yerka instead something original and new .:banghead:


Uh, Smigin… maybe you need to read the NVArt “Surreal: In the Style of Jacek Yerka” contest INTRODUCTION and INSPIRATION & TECHNICAL GUIDE once again. I think you have it completely assbackward. The object is to attempt a Jacek Yerka work… to make an image that Jacek would possibly make. Yes… you should use some imagination… but you should also take from Yerka’s style. You do know he uses many of his themes over and over. Try to incorporate some of them… when you make a tree, make a Yerka tree… when you make a cloud, make a Yerka cloud, when you choose a color, choose a Yerka color. Get it?

…and lighten up, dude.


Meaby you are right meaby you are wrong ,we will see , but i have to say this contest have been a handfull exercise and to know bad as well good people here see ya !


Actually a lot of people have got the right idea and are producing the kind of work we’re after. It started out kind of bumpy but I think most pieces are now in the right style. Its not just about creating a surreal image, its about creating a surreal image using Yerka’s style. I wont go through what constitutes Yerkas style because its been explained many times and almost everybody now has got it.


Well the deadline is approaching and if I get one in it will be very near the end.

I see the question was asked earlier but I don’t think there was an answer; which timezone are we using for the deadline? Eg. is 11:59pm GMT on March 1st the very last minute? Or is it Australia time…?

Thanks for setting up a great contest, hope there are more in the future.


Yeh the deadline is on the 2nd of March at 11.59pm GMT. As usual we recommend that you do NOT leave it to the last minute, and get your stuff in a couple of hours early.


Wow, now that’s a speedy reply, cheers!

Errrhh…although, one more point of clarification, is the deadline the end of March 2nd (Monday night) as you said, or the end of March 1st (Sunday night)…on the rules page it says:

                     "Entries (one image) must be uploaded [b]prior[/b] to 2 March 2009."  --which gives the impression that it's the end of March 1st.

Sorry to be such a stickler, but every day counts at this point.



Like I said: 11.59pm GMT on the 2nd of March. That’s midnight Monday night. Remember that this is GMT, so make sure you know what the local time in your location is.


sorry in down here the messaGE


Hi to all well i have to say that is humnan to make mistakes i know many people here already dont like me , but well i am a men of rights iand i relaize that meaby i was wrong, but i really dont like cvontest of 2d with 3d , i know all we defend ourselfs , in our art pieces because we love it , and i know the prizes put us in very high preasure , , is the pòint thatw e artist like our thing done rigth and meaby sometimes we thing and work for ourselves like we artist all do we make art for ourselves , like all people do not for all peopel to seee that we are good , is for ourserlves and to be in calm with life , i know all artist here have very high preasure to be one of the best , but i think making a friendly replys is best that critic as a monster , i was hapy with my work many thing we do are not right for others taht are in preasure , or just is not the style that they like , but os ok , you will see more work of me and you will see im good as many , and i love my work but this contest put us all in preasuer pleas eundetsand that, is better to be all friends and knwo to forgive with undestanding you dont know me mebay you know the bad part as we artist do , some are very rude someone not some ones are peacefull , and some one dont , i think meaby wiht this i was giving you what many want , but i know that i have fun with this in sometime and sometimes dont , i will never contest in the ones that mix 2d and 3d ,i hve many more thing to say but i think this is all so dont fight and have a good day.

sorry for my english…


I understand the image size guidelines of 2560x1600, but I was wondering if there is a preferred way of saving the photoshop files to maximize the quality at this size. I don’t feel like my submital posted with very good resolution; I lost too much of the detail. I’ve seen entrants post details of their paintings, how do I do this? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Once an entry is submitted, those it take long to show up in the “view all entries page”? Do you send a confirmation message? I sent my entry (correct size and specs.) a few hours ago, and still no sign of it…? I first sent the image as it is (not compressed), then I sent both; .rar and .zip compression folders.
Thank you…


Just save them as high quality as you can. If you want to include details, just host them on another site like photobucket and edit your entry post and embed the images using the [img] tags.


You need to submit an image file, not a zip or a rar.


Thanks for the early reply! I actually sent the image in my CGSociety-portfolio, and it worked fine, (title: Sleepwalking backward). I also uploaded it in another portfolio with higher resolution and it worked too…??? Well, for the moment (still have a few hours) here is the URL address to this version; http://stephanpeloquin.carbonmade.com/projects/2239156


I’m afraid you’ll still have to submit your piece through the proper submission form in order for it to be eligible for judging:



Thanks again for the attention. I see my entry is on the page now, apparently from my carbonmade image hosting. But I also got this message suggesting that I put it on Photobucket, which I just did. Here is the link;


Yay! it finally worked with the proper submission form!.. You can ignore this message