The deadline has been extended to the beginning of March – March 2nd.

People do not have to include leaves or any other feature. I just gave an example using leaves to show some of the elements that Yerka uses to achieve his look.

I will prepare some other examples in the next few days.


Ah, an extension. Very handy :slight_smile:


thanks for the extenstion time boss… i hope i can make it in time…
good luck everybody…


The deadline has been extended until the 2nd of March!? It ‘s good news!


How may piece can an individial submit because I seen in the rules that multiple entries are permited?

Also when is the deadline? I see a lot of people confused about this? Is it March 2?



March 2nd!!! ohhhhhhh:) .good news!


Should an entry be posted without a signature (or name in the bottom right corner of the artwork)?

I was thinking that if one of the winner’s pieces was used for advertising, the signature would stand out like a sore thumb.

Should we submit two entries? One with and without a signature?

I’m just opening this up for thought. I know there are some real professionals that might have a suggestion when it comes this.


just making sure! MARCH the 2nd definitely is the deadline for this challenge?


Hi, can I include a link to the full resolution image and WIP images (uploaded to my homepage or some image hosting site) in my description?
Thank you.


whats the deadline in the first post it says feb 10th ? but on the main page it says march 2009?


The deadline was extended. Its now March 2nd.

You can include a link to a high resolution version if you so wish.


Now time extend, so can we post an improved post



I have a small question about textures. As For 3d artist can we use texture Libraries such as
total textures ? Or do we have to hand paint everything ?

A quick answer would be very kindfull

Thanks again


You can use texture libraries.


Sorry for my unperfected English but can someone answer me if we have the
possibility to repost a improved entries ?..


thank u so much for ur quick answer Mad Scientist…

very kindfull


hi all,
I am struggling with this project. I am wondering how all of you do the grass, flower and the tree. I can’t use 3D (my maya crash, because not enough memory -> only have 1Gb RAM). I wondering is there any other way to go around using photoshop or illustration.
I need help on this guidance. if someone there, I am very appreciate of your help.
I saw yerka’s website, and I look at his image. He done with hand paint and not digital. I want to know how he do technically. Maybe i can apply tradional method to photoshop, instead of using heavy render in 3D.



Here’s an experiment that I did for leaf creation, using a 3-leaf mesh element with a painted material applied.
I duplicated it about 50 times, rotating each element and spacing them so they don’t touch/overlap. Then I rendered them out with my camera set to 120mm, to flatten the scene perspective. I clipped what I wanted and created the arrangement in Photoshop. Again this is an experimental sample. The colors of the render were adjusted in PS before the elements were used in the art. Again this is an experimental sample, there’s a lot of ‘stamping’ going on in this.
Though I used some 3d in the piece I’m working on, I wouldn’t use it exclusively to try to emulate a painting style. I also wouldn’t paint all those leaves individually either, if it were not necessary.:surprised


Thanks Quadart
Appreciate for your help
I wondering what kind of rendering do you use? is it a mental ray or maya software rendering?
I don’t know well about rendering. last time i do ambient occlusion it tooks me almost 5-6 hours to render one frame. if you’re using mental ray or maya software, I want to ask your guidance to increase the rendering performance.

By the way, I am using Maya

thank you


I use the latest version of Cinema 4d and its native renderer, Advanced Render 3 which burns through AO pretty quickly. I don’t use Maya or MR, so I can’t help you there.