Help!. I have a question…do you get confirmation when you submit your entry. Ive tried to upload my image since Thurday, it doesnt appear to be working. Can anyone help?


Is your image exactly the dimensions as specified in the guidelines ?

The image must be 2560 x 1600 pixels or it wont work.


Ok, Are there any jpeg compression methods other than Photoshop ? Can you suggest some ?

thanks. good luck all :thumbsup:


ok :slight_smile: Thanks.


Hey, I was just wondering if the piece we create needs to be the same subject matter as Jacek Yerka’s atwork. I know it needs to be in the same style, and definitely fall under the category of surrealism, but do our pieces need to be about the same concept? Thanks!

I guess I should have read more…never mind! :slight_smile:



in the rules it says Multiple entries are permitted. Does this mean i can submit Multiple entries
and if i can am i to submit under the same user name.



is it just me or are more people than usual finding this one confusing?

most of the answers are set out pretty straight in the main page of the contest…

and people seem pretty way off the point…
just hoping that people are holding back to unleash the glory…lol

to anyone that post questions here please read the main contest page first…man.

hope to see some rocking stuffz coming up soon :slight_smile:


I’m not seeing Yerka yet in this first batch of 20 or so submissions. :shrug:

It’s going to take some time to produce a Yerka styled ‘painting’ that will be viewed full screen on a 30”. There are a lot of brushstrokes per unit area in his work (shy some of the skies). Though the style technique is a basic illustration style, it is a time consuming one. The hard part, IMO, will be achieving his level of composition–both in design and color. I think emulating his style in 3d will be the feat to see in this challenge–not gonna be easy.


hi i dont know why sone people is trying to make the work done but theay are using the same picture in mynd of jerka i mean the same thing , it seem another picture of jerka or a good duplication , instead of doing their original artwork theay ar emaking a picture , with his yhinking of surreaklism but allways thinking of jerka pictures and his style of surrealism , and teh contest ask and original idea of surrealism but not making as another pictures of jerka , i mean is good that teh participants is taking the colors , and some study of jerka , but not doing as seams that jerka mades another picture , i think that is bad becase your creativity would not go more far than jerka , as we see some pictures seem the same thing of jerka , and has to be something new originall with colors of jerka , etc … , and many people are doing this ,and are not understanding the idea of the contest many has doing mistake and waisting time for my opinion , i think the image has not to have like sying whoooa is the same as jerka ,
i think not , it has to be like jerka , but not imitating his own style , i mean buildings with trees etc , that is wrong because is already there jerka made it , this contest wants something new , i hopw would be good for all this comentary .


The mind set I have been working with since I started working on my image back in December, is that if my image would fit in an exhibit of Yerka’s works as though he had done it, then I’ve done my job. Of course I want to do something from my own imagination, of course I want to stand out with a good image in terms of design, composition, concept, skill etc. But if I do all those things and the image looks like a theme Yerka would not do, or is wrong in terms of color, lighting style, materials, etc. then I would fail.

All of the above is about my self evaluation, what will please me or not please me. As to the final evaluation by the panel of judges, well that is another matter. I can only hope my thoughts are in line with the intent of the contest.

Good luck everyone.





Do we have to include leafs,trees,grass etc. in our paintings?



Am I crazy or did the deadline get extended?


Wooh… Thats just great !..

Now I am able to create more complex version of my surreal vision without time limitations.

Thank you a lot for extension.


An extension to the deadline… sweet! Why no official announcement or posting here by the admins, that seems strange. Oh well, I am just glad I have more time.

Hey, did anyone ever answer Addii’s question? The reason I am asking is that my entry will be a combination of both 3D and 2D and does not fit into the WIP Forum categories. I definitely need advice and input on my progress so far and just need a swift kick towards the correct Forum to post my WIP in. Thanks!


Yes there has been a deadline extension until the 2nd of March. We were planning on making an official announcement about it today.

There is no official WIP thread for this competition. The competition forum is only for finished pieces. If you want to run your own WIP thread then you can start one in the regular WIP forum .


Not necessarily. The leaves are just an example of the kind of style elements Jerka uses frequently.



Im having a question about the Image size, It says 2560 x 1600 Pixlars,
I guess these values stands for Width x height, So my question is, Im I allowed to submit a “Portrait” instead of a “landscape” size?, like 1600x2560x Will keep the same pixlar size but just rotate it standing,

Is this ok?


The image must be 2560 x 1600pixels. If the image is not this size, it will not be entered into the system. If you have made your image Portrait, then you must resize it and add black borders on the sides to make it 2560 x 1600px.