Hi smiljan :slight_smile:

Well in the rules, the only conditions for a work to be eligible is to be CG. Then if you do 2D, 3D, matte painting or whatever, it’s not your tools that will be congratulate, but your final result. (I’m working in 3D too).

So, maybe should you take advantage of 3D over 2D like easy duplication (which is a great advantage if you are planning to have a lot of vegetation), ambient occlusion (2D artiste have to paint it!), and lightning which will be computed for you (and which is pretty simple in this case).

So my point of view is, as long as your tool are CG, only the final picture will be considered…so go now and put your polygons together!:wink:

(PS: for the WIP, it has been said that it is the standard wip section of the site, so maybe just put a mention like “[nvidia sureal contest] blablablablabla”)


Hi i want to know…

  1. Can i put the name of my art as the name of a song? it dfeinitibly goes to a song.
  2. i cant render 2560 by 1600 my pc craches because has a lot of 3d things , so i only can render it at 1680 by 1050 , and use a trick in photoshop but with this and with all the trick the image final is not perfect i lost some quality , but in this resolution look definitible good at 1680 by 1050 , so waht i do i need to know i i can post 1680 by 1050 or 2560 by 1600 i can post the two but it definible goues good at 1560 by 1050 so waht i post waht reoslution?


hello i ppost my image but appears two times sorry i dont know what happend please help me to fix that , and i use the name of ¨the stairway to heaven ¨ instead of the original titl eof the song ¨stairway to heaven ¨i hope i can be liek that beacause the title definitible goues with that , thanks i appreciatte all


hello i have a question i post my image and if i want to see it i open the entries and see the image i save it o my desktoop but , when i open it i cant see it large with all the details because i put my image as the size that says the contest , the thing is i hope you will see the image as i post it in that size hope the jury can see the image large , because directly from the page cant , so please tell me if as a jury the image i loaded can be see at the original size i put thanks


hey I was wondering if someone could provide a link to the subforum where WIP for this challenge can be placed?

(quite easy to get lost with all the content you guys are hosting ^.^ thanks).

I know its not like the other challenges and WIP isnt a requirement, but as it mentions on the introduction page…

We strongly encourage entrants to participate in the competition forum as they will benefit from feedback from the community.

Thanks! ^.^;


@ smiljan66- I understand the point you are trying to make about 2D VS 3D. With respect I invite you to demonstrate how much easier 2D is by showing us your skill in this competition. With such good prizes available to the winning entry, why make things so difficult for yourself. You are having computer crashes from too large 3D render and so on. Why not do it in 2D? Just a thought for you.

I wish you well.


Mr …cg society has not open this faq , for demostrate nothing is just for answer and as any person im waiting for my answer , i only ask a question as i can , cg society has not open a forum to talk that , i will not answer that to you , im a 3d artist youcan see my post m and i wish you well too.


thanks again


Hi all! :wip:

Well I know that the work must be CG, but I want to know: if I print my UVs, paint them and then scan them again, will it be considered as CG work, should I use that technique?


I have a submit question. I have to subscribe and pay money to post my work? I am registred for the forum but it seems a have to get a membership at 29.99$. Is that it?


I am also having an issue with submitting my work. I hit the submit button and it seems to work fine but the page refreshes itself and nothing seemed to upload. I’ve tried uploading my image at 1.9mb and 1.3mb. Is there something that I’m missing? Thanks so much.



I am sorry, if asking by me qestions were already asked

  1. Is making work must be a copy of Jacek Yerka’s one or can I think up
    my own composition?

  2. Must I strongly keep to the art style and technique of Jacek Yerka


No you do not need to be a paid CGSociety member to enter the competition. You only need to have a free CGTalk account, which you definitely have.


Your image has to be the exact dimensions as specified on the Submission Page (2560x1600). If your image is not these dimensions, it will be be submitted.

  1. You are to use Yerka’s style to visualise your own concept. You do not directly copy one of Yerkas work, you create your own composition but in the style of Yerka.

  2. Yes, that is the objective of the competition. I suggest that you read the Inspiration and Guide page for more detailed information about how to go about this.


The image that is posted in your thread is a resized version. If you uploaded it as 2560x1600 then we will have that version. Its resized for display in the forum for performance reasons.


I have read through this thread and I am still hazy on what I am supposed to do as far as subject matter.

Do I need to pretend that I am Yerka and make a surreal image with objects and subject matter that I think he would use?


Do I make an image out my own surreal ideas with his color pallette and style?

For example if I pretended I was Yerka I would make an image with a bunch of clocks and a train running through it…but if it were my own idea perhaps I would use brooms and some grizzly beast digging holes but shaded like Yerka…which one is the correct approach?

Thanks and I apologize if this is redundant it just seems like there are mixed opinions still.


You create your own surrealist vision in Yerka’s style. The work will look like its something Yerka might have produced in terms of colour, rendering, concept etc but the actual idea and realisation will be your own.

Try reading the Inspiration page again for a better idea:


Cdwalt— Yerka uses a lot of reoccurring themes e.g. the train things. Another thing to remember is Yerka likes to work within a 1950s frame of reference, from what I’ve read in a couple of articles. “For me, the 1950s were a kind of Golden Age … If I were, for instance, to paint a computer, it would definitely have a pre-war aesthetic to it.”

Doing a search will provide you with a lot more examples of his work.


So I use my own brains and pretend I have Yerkas hands?