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Ok. So did I miss the post on the secret handshake required to get an answer to a question or have I posted in the wrong place?


This may have been already answered, but I didn’t catch it:

Is the image we post final? Or can it be updated, I’m was almost sure I checked every inch of my painting before I posted it, but after seeing it in context I see several horrible mistakes jumping out?


Hi fellas, i have been uploading my artwork but it have not appear among the others entrys… what had happened? the upload goes fine and with no issues…
thx 4 ur cooperation


Is it possible to create a thread for my artwork without using “Submit entry”? I would like to discuss some of my sketches, but haven’t decided which one to go with or anything yet.


Yes final images only should be submitted - if you wish to discuss the process, use the forum’s work in progress forums.


No. Use the work in progress forum.


Make sure your uploaded image is no more than 2mb in size.


I am new in this challenge. I took it and I hope I can learn more from this challenge. I am modeler. I am really new in lighting. I am using maya. I don’t know how to set illuminate and how to make the light fall-off as in the guidance.
pls help


there are many ways to do this…

try this out.


Thanks simon for your help
it’s my first time to know that i can plug ambient to the color channel of material and used the ambient as color. can you explain me why to do this?

but i want also to know what is mental ray setup to render?
I render it out, but there’re so many gray spot



another question
i have setup low polygon modeling
i want to render out as subdiv without manual change everything to subdiv, because the scene kind of heavy, is it possible to convert the low poly to subdiv or more smooth version during rendering? is that something that I have to do for the tessalation?


on the occlusion shader up the samples a bit (like 32 or 64) and for ya render settings to something like production.

as i said there are many ways to do it…im just saying this way cause its easy to set up…


Respectfully and sans sarcasm. Is there some reason my question has been ignored?


Well as you say I think the words about overlapping are mainly destinate to 3D participants, just to prevent geometry intersection…otherwise trees without leaves overlapping will be reeeeeally strange :wink: (Well I’m not member of the staff but it sound logic for me)


I think what is meant by avoiding overlaps (
or too obvious regularities) is to avoid that ‘rubber-stamped’ pattern repeat that looks so obvious and bad. Remember that Yerka painted everything individually. All of the elements are unique but follow strict stylistic regularity.

As far as intersection–you want to avoid the accidental or careless intersection of leaf mesh. A leaf should be either in front or behind another, not slicing through each other.

—that’s my take on it.


Mucus and Quadart- Thank you for responding. I felt like that was the case but I did not want to put a ton of work into something that would ultimately be wrong just because I didn’t take the time to ask for clarity. I appreciate the reassurance.

btw- I am a 2D artist and will be painting every element individually just as Yerka does.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:


please i wnat to know all know that a 3d work is more difficult that 2d im a 3d and i will do all my work in 3d , but how will be judging the fact between 2d and 3d? because the two are diferent , os i put an example are two images to the first prize one is 2d and the other 3d , how this wil be considered , if the two images are good and the two images has good ideas , , how this two can compite together thats a difficult choice are they?
in gnomonology page this theeme ae very discuted becuase lal people of 3d complain about that , hat mos be apart not together , one thing is vedient from another


i mean you know the work of modeling each little thing , and after that painting or retouching each texture to seem like jarek? and after that …rendering a high scene in ambinet oclussion wich takes a lot time for me you will see my scene tonight i post and after that retouching and blend the image in my case combustion? , and you relaize that is a lot of work intead painting on a canvas , or matte painting , there is a lot of difference between 2d and 3d .IM NOT SAYING NOTHING WITH THIS ONLY THING I WANT IS QUESTION THIS HARD WORK WILL BE CONSIDERED IN THE JUDGEMENT AGAINST A 2D PICTURE?


Hi please can you put the direct link to the wip of the contest i want to put my images and explain the procces of my 3d working? tanks again.
Cordialy …Sharpness