Any update on how the judging is going?? maybe a week or two left??


HI can you please give a dtae between 5 days or so when will be the winners anounced , because it has been passed weeks since the entries close , thanks for the information i know all we wnat to know more or less when will be anounced we are exited



HI i have resend like 4 images and im guessing if you take the last image resend it like my final image because that is waht i want to be considered only the final image i have send it to you is that happening?
thanks very much

It would be incredible to have some feedback from Mr. Yerka, maybe even a few peices selected as 'yerkas favorites'

                                            [[color=Red]NVART-Surreal Submission](http://www.nathanscv.com/documents/nvart/NathanSrigley_NVartSurreal_OrganicCenterpeice.jpg)[/color]


I COMPLETELY agree!! That would be cool to know Yerka’s choice as opposed to how it was actually judged!


I think that would be great to hear what Mr. Yerka have to say about idea of competition, digital art forums, Internet as a new powerfull medium for artists… Well, perhaps it can be done? I think I’m not only one here who would like to hear what great “analogue” artist have to say about things like that.


Judging is still in progress – its taking us a bit longer than usual as there are so many fantastic entries to choose from!

Yes – I would like to get a comment from Jacek Yerka himself – he is a bit hard to contact but I will try.


That would be awesome, to see what he think about the entrys, it would be great to have such an art master sharing with all of us. I want to say that i didn´t knew about his art, but after this competition it changed my horizon of what can be achieved using your imagination and your freedon as an artist. A great an positive influence for me, and for a lot of others too for what i can see in the forum.

Cheers:) .


Please how much more we have to wait , im exited and nervious , please it has been take very long time tell us if it is a week or something thanks very much


[left]Hello evrybody, hello Mark, [/left]

[left]Is that so difficult? The jury members are locked in a double tower secret room until the verdict ? :slight_smile: It’s certainly very flattering to the best of us (it’s true that there are really splendid achievements) but I understand the impatience of some. [/left]

Friendly and courage at all, the results will eventually happen.


yes, everybody, tell us ! tell us ! :bounce:
Where is Mark ?:hmm:… Who ?

Well anyway, I didn’t participate so, good luck people ! Let the winner be, the best.


Hi there, any news about the results, or the date they will be announced?



I’ve noticed that many entries had disappeared (for example mine). Why?


Because by default the forum only shows threads from the last month. Many of them have not been posted in for over a month.

You can change this at the bottom of the forum where it says
From the: and make it Last Year or something.

As for the judging, the final winners are still being finalised, the announcement shouldn’t be too far off.


so the winners when will show up it has been passed a long time now please we need to know thanks very much



The judging is complete, the announcement article is being put together.

Things are moving slowly, but they’re moving.


“There are a lot of great entries and we are going to take time to very carefully go through them all and select the winners… we then privately contact the winners and prepare the feature article and press releases.”

“The judging is complete, the announcement article is being put together.”

I hate to put two and two together, but if we havent heard from them yet its better luck next time.


What you are saying that the ones who cg society hasent been contact they loose , so the winner now now if they win? dammit


Certanly, it looks like that.


PLease, can anybody tell me, when they go to put the results?