yeah image is dead on size, the only thing I saw not the right anything was the upload… THANKS A BUNCH!


please when are the winner anounced how much time will go?



This is why we recommend people get their submissions in early so that we can address these issues before the deadline swings around.

I don’t know. There are nearly 500 entries so its going to take some time to go through them all.


Hi, sorry but with some time you mean days, weeks, a month?..anxiety, thats what we have:hmm:

Thank you.


Probably a couple of weeks.


now this is frustrating… i couldn’t finish my work in time and now the submit button is GONE. now is 7 hours later, well 3 march. you should extend for a day for people like me sometimes… hell, is so frustrating… what can i do :hmm:? and i tried to do something different that took me some time to think of.


I’m sorry but the entry system is locked down. There’s no way to submit after the deadline. I’m afraid you’ve missed out on this one.


Look on the brightside. You got some creative “exercise” and have a great new image for your portfolio.


I totally agry with you JBrant !Yes , even if you dont win anything in any competition you end up with nice works for your portfolio.Because challenges makes you work harder!



I’m a new member, and there is something bothering me: I sent my entry before the deadline, and today I logged in, and the date of my last post changed. I have not changed anything, but the date of last post shows different time. WHy?




I want to show some details of my painting,but I can’t make attachments in messages or upload my image on other sites…So could you please help me with this?


post it in gallerty and use an image upload service like imageshack.us and insert them in your message as embedded images or links.



I have an entry in this contest that I would like to send to a prospective employer. I just want to make sure that I this doesn’t break any rules.



Sure – thats OK. :slight_smile:


I was wondering how the judging was coming along. Any timeframe on when the winners will be announced? Thanks


The Judging is happening now and will continue through to the end of next week – there is then another two weeks or so before public announcement of the winners.

There are a lot of great entries and we are going to take time to very carefully go through them all and select the winners… we then privately contact the winners and prepare the feature article and press releases.


I wanted to send my congratulations to all the artists who have created such interesting and beautiful work for this contest. There are just too many people to address individually so please allow me to express my appreciation and admiration here in this one post.



Thanks alot Paul for that post…God bless ya!


I was wondering in fact, does the man J Y himself know about this competition?

I like the idea of him sitting in his studio going through the entries and seeing how others have tried to pull off his style (on his 1950’s insectoid/biomorphic PC naturally) :wink:


Oh – he sure does know about the competition. We sought his permission before we started… but he works off line and I haven’t had any word from his agent since we started the competition.