Why must entrants be members of CGTalk or CGSociety?

We need to be able to contact all entrants – we have one registration system. This also means that all competition entrants are covered by the same set of Terms and Conditions.

          [i][b]Do I have to submit an image in the 2560 x 1600 size?[/b][/i] 
          [i][b]What if I want to do a different aspect image?[/b][/i] 
          You can fill it out to 2560 x 1600 with black borders. 
          [i][b]Why do entrants have to be 18 or older?[/b][/i] 

Prizes include travel packages that need to be sent to a person 18 years or older. There are also restrictions on minors entering competitions in some countries, so it’s only fair to apply the same age restriction to the whole world.

          [i][b]Are there any work in progress uploads?[/b][/i] 

No. This is not like a CGChallenge. There are no work in progress requirements. All you have to do is upload your entry before the deadline of March 10th 2008.

          [i][b]Can NVIDIA use my art for marketing without asking me?[/b][/i] 

No. NVIDIA can only use your art as part of gallery, wallpaper or other collections of similar images with your full credits attached. If NVIDIA want to use your work in some other way they will have to contact you directly to get your permission.

          [i][b]Do I still own my entry?[/b][/i] 

Yes. The copyright to your image is yours. The only uses Ballistic and NVIDIA have right to are those outlined in the rules.

          [i][b]Why must  entrants grant Ballistic Media and sponsor (NVIDIA) first right to publish their submitted work in any media?[/b][/i] 

NVIDIA are the sole sponsors of this competition and have requested this to prevent any unscruplus competitor trying to exploit entrants work. We agree that it would not be fair to let some competitor benefit from NVIDIA’s sponsorship of this competition. This is why we agreed to this restriction in running this competition – it’s fair.

What image file size is best?

Try to keep images under 2MB. Compressing them with something other than Photoshop will help, as will using a lower compression setting - there is no need for 100% quality when compressing JPEG files.


…There are no work in progress requirements. All you have to do is upload your entry before the deadline of March 10th 2008.

i think You mentioned 19 June. and please delete my post as well =)


Hello Mark,

Great contest! :bounce:
Only one image per entrant admitted? :curious:


Yeah.that’s great!

But what do i have to do to create a new thread regarding that challenge?:slight_smile:


Are there any work in progress uploads? No. This is not like a CGChallenge. There are no work in progress requirements. All you have to do is upload your entry before the deadline of March 10th 2008.

March 10th 2008? I knew that time machine would come in handy someday.


Oh,see now :cool:


Can an image created previously (previous project - school or university project) but not entered for any challenge be entered for this competition?


i have a question, because the competition only talks about 2d and 3d design…
design is a broad term and i am a digital artist and photographer, can i merge a photograph of a person with digital art? or does it all have to be ‘virtually created’ this wasnt quite clear to me, thanks for the help!


you caught that too?

  1. Can i post multiple entries?
  2. Photos, hand made paintings… anything is aloud as long as it is made by me?
  3. Can I use it as part of my companys portfolio after 19th June?
  4. The desing can/should be for NVidia?
  5. The 1st prize… can i bring a friend? :slight_smile:


I have a question regarding rule 2. Does “promoting” a entity constitute entering a work on behalf of a entity? The entry would be completely my concept and creation but the theme would revolve around said entity.


can u confirm the deadline please?:slight_smile:


Yeah,would be nice! Cuz unfortunately,now my time-machine is broken…so i am not able to meet the deadline (10 March) :scream:


NVArt - Design Fusion…

Users can make multiple entries.

Close of competition is 19th June.

3D render and 2D design – not photograph and 2D design.

You can base it on whatever theme you like.

I think that covers the latest questions.


Thank you for the reply Mark.


Can we submit our entry in portrait instead of landscape…?


Fill with black to make up the correct dimension.

The aspect ratio is chosen to match the maximum normal screen resolution – the images are intended to work well on screen.


Ok that’s understandable. Thanks for the reply.


can i use fully 2D create?! means just use photoshop & illustrator software.


The result has to be a clear fusion of 2D and 3D … we will be judging the result, not how you create it. So I see no problem with using only Photoshop and Ilustrator – as long as the 3D coponents are convincing.