About a month is about right.


Do the judges look at the comments that other people post?


but there are still a few hours left right?

i would make a suggestion for future competitions to add some kind of countdown clock on the introduction page. no questions would be asked about that matter.

so is it closed? because according to my calculations there are still 7 hours left…


I definitely agree. I’m not upset or anything, but it would be nice to really know the exact deadline next time.

That’s an excellent idea! :thumbsup:


Ooops … naffed up the times - it’s back online now.


Traditionally we shut things off at midnight UTC. However being a rather vauge time, I’ll leave it open for bit of overtime grace.



this the time I understand to be the correct one for cut-off.


according to Olek Novak’s :wink: suggestion, I agree that countdown clock it is very very good idea and it works well with that kind of deadline stress :smiley:



Hi, Thanks for that.

I am sad though, I was working very hard, my hard disk failed, I lost 1 day installing everything again, spent 3 days sleeping almost nothing, and the software gave me lot of errors and crashes. No fault is from the challenge, of course. All was unexpected to me

But I would really appreciate to make a deadline more clear, I stopped the work because I thought the entries were closed…

If you can give a 1 day extention or so… that couud help some others who had problems submitting their work too.

Thank you very much.

(btw… i had to install Operating system and software again in an emergency hard disk drive, looked like a conspiracy against me :frowning: and my work is not what I wanted, not even finished… but I will work on it untill I get the submissions closed… I try to do my best with the very few days I had due to personal problems)

Best regards


The switch done manually - in reality that probably gives you 12 or so hours before I’m in the office again :slight_smile:


i am trying to submit right now - please give me 10 min. it’s not the deadline time yet…


thanks! it’s seems to be uploaded now.


im just curious about the judging…will each judge get the high res version and send theyr favorites…or do they all meet and start some sort of discussion ?:slight_smile:


Currently we’re running it as a 2 stage process.

All the judges get the opportunity to pick their favorite 10 images.

Then, they meet and discuss the winners from that group.


The judges have access to the full resolution images for all entries.


cheers for the answers


Do the judges look at the additional comments that other people post to the entree, or just the artist’s comments?


Judgeing is on artistic merit. Although everything is availble to judges the focus is on the images to exclusion of any potentialy biasing materials.


I have uploaded my image before the deadline (with the Submit), and I cannot find my image in the entries. Is it possible it will be processed and diplayed later?


I’m thinking there was some problem when you submitted your image. :sad:

When I click on my username and then choose “Find More Posts by chromecity”, there’s one in there (on 03-09-2008, 11:48 PM) for when I submitted my entry. But when I click on your username and then choose “Find More Posts by SlaveOfMaya”, I see the post you just made that I am replying to, and then it goes back to a post from 11-07-2007, with nothing in between those two posts. :sad: