Can i submit my entry in the last day of the event (10th March) ?


Hi all, i have a problem,
I want to submit my pic, but because i am a new member, my first 2 post must be validated and it takes 24 hours,so its march 9 at 3pm, hope some admn see this post to validate it.


in my country we also call “midnight of march 10th” to the 11:59:59 PM of march 10th or 0:00 AM of march 11th…

  • So now I’m not sure if I can upload an image in March 10th or just until 11:59:59 PM of March 9th…

I know I should have uploaded it before, but personal problems didn’t allow me to work on this before, and now the computer is rendering the complex image
(Very Long render… After rendering the 25%, the time left to finish is more than 14hs !!..using 2 CPUs)

– IF it is POSSIBLE: PLEASE LET US UPLOAD until 11:59:59 PM of March 10th…

- And any Extension to the deadline would be GREATLY Appreciated…

Best regards.


i cannot submit my entry…why?


I am unable to submit my entry. When I fill out the form and upload my image, and hit submit, it takes me back to the form. I do not get a confirmation that my image was submitted and don’t see it in the submitted entries and do not get an error either. What can I be doing wrong? I signed in as a member before going to the form! Thanks for the help.


I am also curious about the submission cutoff time. The rules simply said “before March 10th”, and by my clock/calendar, it is still March 9th for another hour and a half.

But my entry image is stamped with the date of March 10. So did I make it in time or not? Will the thread simply be locked when it’s no longer possible to enter? If my image uploaded to the entries thread is it considered “on time”?


Hmmm. I just noticed our team’s entry is also stamped with March 10th. I thought the cutoff time was Pacific Time. I’d hate to think that the effort we spent solely for this contest was lost due to a technicality - especially on the very same day where we already just lost an hour due to the daylight savings time changeover.


It is clear from the competition rules that the end of competition before 10 of march.
Unfortunately, I didn’t finish my image because I’ve spent a lot of time putting some fine details :slight_smile: .
Good luck 4 all :slight_smile:


i am sorry to hear that a lot of people wasnt able to submit their entry due to time zones or just being late? maybe, they would extend it just like the last time (previous one). i too have one more entry to submit.


so is it the end of 9th or the 10th the real deadline?

it’s actually still 30min left till the end of the 9th at GMT -12.

but if it’s the end of the 10th it would be great cause I would fix some stuff in my image that I didn’t have time for.


I am one of those who are still working for an entry to get it the most Perfect and beautiful in the remaining time…

My render took more than 14hs and still didn’t finish (will take 10 more) that was unexpected…

Also would like to make some postproduction retouches, to make it more beautiful

I am Really Sorry to be late and for the delay my work took.
I couldn’t work on this before
Maybe I’m crazy but I almost didn’t sleep in last days


Thank you very much.


According to an earlier post, midnight has to pass EVERYWHERE in the world ON march 10th before the entries close. so you still have time at this point, as it is still the 10th. Also if your having problem uploading try reducing to 2MB JPEG.


I see a lot of people are encountering the same problem I am, I can’t submit my entry.

  1. Make shure the image size 2560x1600
  2. Make it less than 2MB
  3. Make shure you mark the “[b]I have read and understand the competition rules”[b] box.

[/b][/b]This are the things that had work for me. Just an advice.

Good Luck!


The deadline is after midnight march 10. Or, once it is no longer march 10 anywhere on the planet.

If you are having trouble with the images make sure they are the exact dimensions, and under 2 megs in size. The exact dimensions means landscape format, portrait format will not work. Also if you are still having troubles, make sure the image is in RGB format, CMYK and RGBA jpegs are not true jpegs and will likely not work.


Is there a way to view the actual 2560x1600 images that people have submitted, or are we just allowed to see the 1280x800 versions that are half as wide and half as tall? As you would expect, many of the small details don’t come across clearly when the images are only 1/4 of the size of what was actually submitted.


Well as I see it they are keeping the bigger images to themselves due to unwanted thirdparty printing issues.


Now that the competition is closed, I wonder how long it will be before they announce the winners and honorable mentions. I have a feeling that it would be about a month, b/c it seems that’s what it was for “Amazing Creations.” Any thoughts from anyone?


First, thanks to the NVArt organizers for making this contest possible. Not only was it motivation for me to complete a previous project, but it has been an opportunity to see some really marvelous and imaginative works by other artists!

I concur with some of the other posters that the deadline was confusing. I wished I had realized that the deadline was at the end of March 10th, not prior to March 10th as indicated on the introduction page. I rushed my entree and would have liked another day to tweak the details. Time was up by the time I read this thread.

Oh, and as TCPortfolio says… any idea when the winners will be announced? Thanks.



They will be judged at full resolution however.