Sorry in advance if this is a dumb question, but with “unpublished”, do you mean printed in a magazine, used commercially etc or simply just posted on another website?


I supplemented my image, I downloaded the file… but I do not see this image appearing with the image of the other take part why?

2560x1200 jpeg Hight res= 3 mega to big or not! :sad:

Thank you


I have the same issue I try to post my image 2560*1600 = 3Mega also and I didn’t find it in the entries…???


Ok I have compress it to reduce the size and it works !


IMHO it means all those cases.

It should be under 2 mb.Try to recompress it under 2 mb limit.



That´s what i suspect as well.
If this is the case, i would ask one of our friendly moderators to remove my entry, since i´ve had the image posted in my gallery over at Renderosity.

  1. Does that mean you can submit untill Midnight on the 10th March in UTC -12 (Baker Island, Howland Island etc zone) regardless where you are? Or is it tied to the time zone of the country you specified in your registration?
  2. I was also never clear about the “midnight” in relation to a current date - is midnight the end or the beginning of the day?
    To put it simply: Do we have time until the end of Sunday or Monday?



In view of the magnificent array of 3D submittals, it may be more encouraging to 2D’ers to have a separate category, if not in this, then in succeeding events. or maybe a category to pool a select (50? 75? 100?) collection of jury, committee or member voted favorites. A printed catalogue of said cream of the crop pieces would generate much interest. No cash prize needed, too, just the honor of being chosen is enough. Nonetheless, thank you for a wonderful venue for individual expression!


I am asking the same question as I am not sure when and if my previous post ever shows up.

  1. Is there the same deadline for everyone regardles of their time zone?
  2. Is the midnight the 10th the end of Sunday or the end of Monday?



I can’t submit image to participate in NVIDIA competition. On the midle of the procces it just return on submition page. Image correspond all requirements. I guess I will try open other account, or provide me with differen solution?

Thank you.
Natalia Agalakov


This might help for time issues.
Contest ends march 10 midnight…images submitted the first second of march 11 will be rejected i suppose.:slight_smile:

If the size/dimension is not ‘exactly’ right- it will reject.
If it is over 2 mb in file size- it will reject
If you have some trouble submitting -use “paint.net” to open your image and save as jpg at as least 90% if is not at 90-91% or more it will reject. (the compression in this program works better)…it solved a few problems in the last contest.

…also make sure you check the tick box.
“I have read and understand the competition rules.”
-if not it rejects.


I tried uploading an image for the NVArt competition yesterday but haven’t seen it come up in the submissions gallery and I got no kind of confirmation that it all uploaded correctly. Makes me a little nervous since I worked hard on it to get it in by the deadline. I had a couple commercials going at the same time so it made for late nights. I’d hate to miss out on the competition. I’m new to this submitting thing so I might just be missing something. (I also re-tried a few times so I may be crowding your server, sorry )


I know I’m being repetitive but I think it is important to clarify the deadline time.
It is not really clear especially since the Introduction page says: One image per entry must be uploaded prior to March 10th 2008, and in the FAQ section it is stated: The closing time is midnight on the 10th March. We dont close the entries untill midnight of the 10th has passed everywhere in the world.
So my 2 questions remain:

  1. Is there the same deadline for everyone regardles of their time zone?
  2. Is the midnight the 10th the end of Sunday or the end of Monday?


  1. answer=yes
    The way it works is if it the deadline lapses in your time zone you are done…time is up.
    Look at your clock …what time is it?
    What is the date?.. simple.
    2… yes you do have all day of march 10.



Thank you for very valuable advice, I finally submited my entry.

Natalia Agalakov.


Je vous en prie.
Your welcome.:slight_smile:


Okay, so starting right now seems a bit crazy, but I’ve had this idea kicking around in my head and I may be able to pull it off, but I have a question:

Can the project be an original work that is sited in an existing city, and uses a publicly available model of the city? Specifically, owing to my urban design background, my idea is for an open site located in Boston and in the middle of this: http://www.cityofboston.gov/bra/BRA_3D_Models/Index.html

The focus of the work would be the orignal content - it’s not to do a render of the existing.


I also have tried to upload my image, but it has not shown up on the website, and there is no way to know if it was successfully received. Is this normal?
Just hoping for clarification.
Thank you,



Despite the deadline is really close I want to note that there are some typo mistakes in the web pages.

  • The Prize List in the “introduction” is different than in the “Prize list” section.
    We asume that the correct prize list is as listed in the “Prize List” Section because it’s specific and more detailed (specifying individual and team prizes).

  • The deadline in the submition form (in the first paragraph) says “prior to Jan 7th”, although (and logically) in the title and everywhere says March 10th

The term “prior to March 10th” was a bit confusing (and didn’t tell if it was GMT zone)
Thanks to Mark for explaining it.

I really hope these series of NVart challenges continue.
I almost have no time to work for my entry, but they are Really inspiring!!

Thanks a lot in advance to everyone.



In the end the deadline is not clear at all, at least not to those artist unfamiliar with english language and/or english tradition. For example in italy the “strictly correct” interpretation would see the competition closing the night of 9th, exactly at 23:59:59 (for what is told on the website, but that would be 0:59:59 of the 10th for what is being specified in the FAQs). Still, is quite common in Italy to refer the midnight of the 10th to actually the 0:00 of the 11th. Therefore… well… I believe there’s a lot of confusion among international users… PLease give us a hand :D… (an OFFICIAL hand)