Why must entrants be members of CGTalk or CGSociety?

We need to be able to contact all entrants – we have one registration system. This also means that all competition entrants are covered by the same set of Terms and Conditions.

          [i][b]Do I have to submit an image in the 2560 x 1600 size?[/b][/i] 
          [i][b]What if I want to do a different aspect image?[/b][/i] 
          You can fill it out to 2560 x 1600 with black borders. 
          [i][b]Why do entrants have to be 18 or older?[/b][/i] 

Prizes include travel packages that need to be sent to a person 18 years or older. There are also restrictions on minors entering competitions in some countries, so it’s only fair to apply the same age restriction to the whole world.

          [i][b]Are there any work in progress uploads?[/b][/i] 

No. This is not like a CGChallenge. There are no work in progress requirements. All you have to do is upload your entry before the deadline of March 10th 2008.

          [i][b]Can NVIDIA use my art for marketing without asking me?[/b][/i] 

No. NVIDIA can only use your art as part of gallery, wallpaper or other collections of similar images with your full credits attached. If NVIDIA want to use your work in some other way they will have to contact you directly to get your permission.

          [i][b]Do I still own my entry?[/b][/i] 

Yes. The copyright to your image is yours. The only uses Ballistic and NVIDIA have right to are those outlined in the rules.

          [i][b]Why must  entrants grant Ballistic Media and sponsor (NVIDIA) first right to publish their submitted work in any media?[/b][/i] 

NVIDIA are the sole sponsors of this competition and have requested this to prevent any unscruplus competitor trying to exploit entrants work. We agree that it would not be fair to let some competitor benefit from NVIDIA’s sponsorship of this competition. This is why we agreed to this restriction in running this competition – it’s fair.

What image file size is best?

Try to keep images under 2MB. Compressing them with something other than Photoshop will help, as will using a lower compression setting - there is no need for 100% quality when compressing JPEG files.

If I enter a team entry am I eligible to win the single entry prizes

No. Each entry is only eligible to win from the team entry, or individual entry prize pool. Individuals will NOT be competing against team entries.

Is there a limit to how big my team can be?

No, teams may be any size, large or small. However non-team entries must be from an individual.

How do I submit a team entry?

Under the description dialog box, there is a check box marked “This is a team entry”. Selecting this allows you to enter the names of those in the team (please use a comma separated list).


I’m not sure if I can post here, if not, delete my post, but I have couple of questions, and I don’t know who to ask…

  1. Is it allowed to submit already finished commercial work (arch.viz. done for some client, designed by architects)?

  2. What is more important for submitted work; artistic impression of image, or design of structure shown on image? I’m asking this, because I’m working on some design that have many features that I will wish to show, but if I make “artistic” visualization of that design, many cool features will be lost… that leads me to next question;

  3. can I submit composition image? One image (single image file), but made as composition of multiple images of same structure?

  4. Is it technical aspect of design crucial for this competition? Will fact that my design is actually possible to build have any positive effect on ranking in this competition?

That’s all.
I hope that I didn’t brake any rules of this competition with my questions, If I have, I apologize.

Thank you


? Any limits or specific softwares to be used in this contest?
Excuse me for the late inquiry…



competition rules:
7- Entries should remain unpublished outside of CGSociety prior to the close of the challenge.



If we are posting in-progress images (which I haven’t done yet) do the judges simply take the most recent iteration of your work for the final judging?


1> No, work must remain unpublished outside of ballistic media.

2> We’re looking for artistic images over technical marvels, however, this is just a matter of the judge’s taste.

3> I’d suggest entering each image separately. Multiple views limit the detail available. However, again, this is a matter of what the judges think.

4> It may have - some of the judges have a base in architectural backgrounds. Others however don’t.


No. Use what ever you like, you can construct your image in notepad if you feel it’s appropriate :smiley:


ONLY the image you submit on the entry form will be judged.


Thanks, Salmonmoose. That does leave me with another question, or two.

  1. How do I get my in-progress work up on the forum? I get the “You do not have privileges to post new thread” message.

I posted my in-progress work through the “subit entry” page because I wasn’t having any luck posting to the forum. I guess I was mistaken.

  1. Is that going to be a problem when I post my finished image?

Thanks again for your help.


The only way to make new thread here is to “Submit entry” button, you can’t use “new thread” button as usual to insure any new thread has corresponding image submitted.

lol :cool:


You can either post it in the WIP forums, or post your FINAL image and follow it with the WIP stages. You need to host these images yourself. This is not a WIP Challenge.

No. Although, I suppose it’s possible that people will really like your WIP, and vote for it.


is there 3d or 2d seperation or limitation ? I see some 2d images in the inspiration section . but since this is nvidia, it should be 3d ? I am confused.


No there is no limitation, other than creating the image with a computer.


Hi, i have a problem with one pic…

I don´t read rules and posted one pic used in other site. (i break rules)

7.- Entries should remain unpublished outside of CGSociety prior to the close of the challenge. Entries should remain unpublished outside of CGSociety prior to the close of the challenge.




Sandcity are unpublished



Well i know the ratio must be within the 2560 x 1600 pix.
Can I produce landscape as well as portrait? (technically the ratio changes and is 1600x2560). Well if not im in for some serious time consuming composition changes.



I was wondering witch resolution we should work with? Is 72 DPI ok?



DPI makes no difference to resolution - so long as the pixel dimensions are the ones stated in the rules, your file will work.


I have submitted my entry but it dowsn’t appear in the “view all entries” grid. Shall i wait until the admins approve and create a thread for my entry?



Got IT…my image exceeds 2MB.

—Kindly Delete post ----

Thanks again


So,we can post several pics ?


As long as they meet the guidelines :slight_smile: