FAQ - The Journey Begins


I think they might wait until the Exotique deadline has passed - that’s the 18th Sept…


EXOTIQUE 2 book is in production right now, I think the only one Call for Entries still open is Character Modeling 2.


That’s wierd… I had it written down as the 18th… but it says Sept 4th on the site…

Guess I was mistaken… :shrug:


I’m waiting to the next challenge as well :slight_smile: I didn’t even started something serious on the previous challenges so I hope to do it on this one :slight_smile:


he he he - i feel a challenge coming along - must be the case as work is picking up and that always happens when a challenge is announced - just when I should be doing something else.

please don’t keep us in suspense any longer :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Oh no,you right :slight_smile: i remember something like AUGUST 18th then they moved the deadline to sept 4th.

@mrfreeman :scream: you must reject any commission until… mmm …when Mibus?


I can’t say. We have an internal deadline at this point, and it’s a slightly different direction from normal. There are quite a few changes in the format too (it’s #20!).


Only one thing I can say to that! - http://www.cosmosfactory.org/wavs/rocky/antici.wav



I think there is a huge possibility that a new CG Challenge will be announced on this very Monday. Spectacular was announced on SEP 5th, which was Monday :bounce:.


Shoot, looks like I was wrong :sad: .